Friday, January 8, 2010

Japan's first astronaut, the eminent research scientist Mamoru Mohri visit Cuba.

One of the few: Mamoru Mohri, Japan's first professional astronaut, and current director of the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, explains to the JT why "Moon exploration is an endeavor in which Japan could make an entirely original and new contribution." And how so? "The answer," he says, "is the use of humanoid robots." NATIONAL MUSEUM OF EMERGING SCIENCE AND INNOVATION
(To this point in the speech of Dr. Mamoru Mohri is evidenced that Japanese scientists have the same orientation on the space race that Russian scientists in the seventies of the past century likely to develop humanoid robots in space exploration instead human crews to use in environments totally unknown.Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota , Florida, 34,232.)С этими delcare доказательства того, что японские ученые имеют одинаковую ориентацию в пространстве раса, что русские ученые в семидесятые годы вероятность развития роботов-гуманоидов в освоении космоса человеком по экипажами для использования в среде абсолютно desconocidos.Gualterio Нуньес Эстрады, Sarasota , Флорида, 34232.korera no delcareshōko wa , nippon no kagaku sha tachi wa uchū kaihatsu kyōsō de wa , onaji muki ni wa , 70nendai ni roshia no kagaku sha , uchū tansa niokeru ningen no norikumi in ga kankyō ni kanzen ni nunyesuesutorada, sarasotadesconocidos.Gualteriowo shiyō suru hito gata robotto wo kaihatsu suru kanō sei ga takai koto desu , furorida , 34232.

CLOSE-UP The Japan Times
A spaceman speaks
Japan's first professional astronaut, Mamoru Mohri, talks about his trips on the space shuttle, his key current role in emerging sciences, and his visions for Japan, humankind and robots in far distant realms
Staff writer
When future historians document the story of Japanese space exploration, 2009 will likely figure as the year when the nation put two high-profile rocket launch failures, in 1999 and 2003, firmly behind it and, quite literally, took off.(...) Interview at:
nippon hatsu no uchū hikō shi wa , chomei na kenkyū sha no mōri mamoru san wo hōmon kyūba .
He was awarded with honor by NASA and his visit in the caribbean area representing a great honor for cubans and caribbeans scientist and scholars.

Since the ancient time, Ninjitsu philosofy in Japan taked a look to the universe as mayan did in Mexico and Central America as we observed in this poem.
Ninjutsu Poem

My parents are the Heaven and earth.
My home is my body.
My power is my loyalty.
My magic is my training.
My life and my death is breathing.
My body is control.
My eyes are the sun and the moon.
My ears are sensitivity
My laws are self protection.
My strength is adaptability.
My ambition is taking every opportunity with fullness.
My friend is my mind.
My enemy is carelessness.
My protection is right action.
My weapons are everything that exists.
My strategy is one foot in front of the other.
My way is Ninjutsu

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