Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Of good intention is paved the road to the hill in Haiti.

US Army soldiers patrol downtown Port-au-Prince, Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2010. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday she resents criticism of the level of U.S. effort to help Haiti. Thousands of US troops arrived to the country after the Jan. 12 earthquake to treat the wounded, distribute relief supplies, clear roads and direct air traffic. (AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa) (Ramon Espinosa - AP)
liáng hǎo de yì tú shì pū píng le dào lù dì yù。
Of good intentions is paved the road to hell.

De buenas intenciones esta empedrado el camino del infierno.
liáng hǎo de yì tú shì pū píng le dào lù dì yù。 jǐn guǎn kàng yì de liáng hǎo yì yuàn guó wù qīng xī lā lǐ kè lín dùn, wù liú cán jí, huò jūn duì huò lián hé guó bù duì de lǐng dǎo xià, bā xī yǐ jīng néng gòu què bǎo xiàng dì zhèn liǎng gè xīng qí, yào pǐn, shuǐ hé shí wù zài zì jǐ dì hǎi dì shǒu dū。
yào pǐn, shuǐ hé liáng shí dī guǎn hé zá luàn fèn bù de yuán yīn gèng duō de sāo luàn, gèng liú xíng de kě néng xìng, yīn cǐ, rú guǒ wèn tí bù jiě jué, zài wèi lái 48xiǎo shí nèi, měi guó zhàn lǐng jūn jiāng miàn línzhòng dà sāo luàn hé liú xíng bìng zài zhěng gè hǎi dì rén mín suǒ biǎo xiàn chū de wú fǎ wù liú mín shì jǐn jí rèn wù。
cǐ wèn tí kě néng huì pò huài guó jì xíng xiàng shuǐ píng shí yàn ào bā mǎ de zhèng zhì dào hǎi dì, yīn wèi shī bài shí Katryn bù shí zài xīn ào ěr liáng hé yǐ qián qīn lüè de jiā lè bǐ dǎo guó, dàn méi yǒu chéng gōng de jīn tiān kàn dào de chōng tú zhōng fā shēng de luò mò1000.0wàn hǎi dì rén。

Despite the protestations of good will of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, logistics disability, or the Army or United Nations forces led by Brazil have not been able to ensure, to the earthquake survivors during two weeks late, medicines, water and food in their own capital of Haiti near to airport.
Medicine, water and food in dropper and chaotically distributed cause more unrest and more possibilities of epidemics, so that if the problem is not resolved in the next 48 hours, U.S. occupation troops will be confronted with major riots and epidemics in the entire Haitian population by the demonstrated inability logistics in civil emergency tasks.
This problem may ruin the international image of Obama policy towards Haiti because of the failure of Bush when Katryn in New Orleans and previous invasions of the Caribbean island, to no avail as seen today in the midst of the desolation of ten million Haitians.Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34232.

Haitians queue to collect sacks of rice from a World Food Programme distribution point in Port Au Prince
From The Times January 27, 2010
Crowds seeking aid in Haiti met with pepper spray and rubber bulletshttp://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/article7003750.ece
Food distribution causing riots in Haiti

Posted 5 hours ago
PORT-AU-PRINCE — "The food got here without a hitch, things were going smoothly and the Brazilians got here and started whipping people. That's is not acceptable!"
Shortly before things took a wrong turn and the riot broke out, a Haitian police officer was raging mad at the acts of brutality perpetrated by soldiers wearing a United Nations' helmet.
The food relief that has started making its way onto the streets has been distributed in the utmost violence and chaos.
Nearly 15,000 starving and nervous Haitians were gathered in front of the Cité Soleil police station, yesterday morning. For three hours, scrambles and fisticuffs kept on breaking out in front of the port installations.
"These people are not animals. We are capable of handling things, but they act like they want the world to think that Haitians are animals. That is simply not true," yelled a local police officer.
"We are in control, we know this people," immediately replied a Brazilian ranking officer in a broken English after hearing the accusations.
While the crowd tried as best it could to form a queue along the wall, Jordanian and Pakistani military did not hesitate to club the people.
QMI witnessed several unwaranted acts of brutality conducted by soldiers who are part of the MINUSTAH. Some of them immediately calmed down and changed their methods as soon as a camera was in sight.
Just trying to eat and survive turned into a violent game that resembled a mad dash. Warning shots were even fired skyward in order to scare the already terrorized crowd.
Even pregnant women were brutalized by the armed forces. A man even fell through a narrow sewer hole. His open-wound fracture was clearly visible.
Each group of 10 survivors was given a bag of peas, a bag of rice and some oil to cook.

Haiti's homeless plead for tents after earthquake

A pregnant woman lies on the ground after falling among United Nations soldiers from Uruguay during a food distribution in front of the National Palace in Port-au-Prince, Monday, Jan. 25, 2010. People waiting in line for food began to loot the aid supplies in front of the National Palace, as a United Nations security force of Uruguayans tried to stop them. (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)
De buenas intenciones esta empedrado el camino del infierno.
Pese a las protestas de buena voluntad de la secretaria de Estado Hillary Clinton, por incapacidad logistica, ni el Army, ni las fuerzas de Naciones Unidas lidereadas por Brazil han podido garantizar, a dos semanas del terremoto, medicinas, agua y alimentos en la propia capital de Haiti.
La medicina, el agua y los alimentos a cuentagotas y repartidos de forma caotica ocasionan mas disturbios y mas posibilidades de epidemias, de tal manera, que si no se resuelve el problema en las proximas 48 horas, las tropas de ocupacion norteamericanas se veran enfrentadas a grandes disturbios y epidemias en toda la poblacion haitiana por la demostrada incapacidad logistica en las tareas de emergencia civil.
Este problema puede dar al traste, a nivel internacional, con la imagen politica de Obama hacia Haiti debido al fracaso de Bush cuando el Katryna en New Orleans y las anteriores invasiones a la isla caribena, sin exito alguno, como se ve hoy en medio de la desolacion de diez millones de haitianos.
Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34232.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) -- One Haitian earthquake survivor says of the relief effort, "The help is good but the way they're doing it is bad." He says it's "anarchy" as crowds jostle for food being distributed near Haiti's National Palace.

Brazilian troops occasionally fired pepper spray and trained their guns on the crowd. Some people left without getting food because they were afraid of the pepper spray and guns, or the thugs who grabbed food from some who received it.
Meanwhile, with tents in short supply, the competition for them is becoming violent.( Almost two weeks survivors waiting for medicine, food and water... how it comes so slow to haitians with thousands of troops landed over there...?)
There have been arguments and machete fights among people hoping to get one of the canvas homes on a dusty soccer field in the capital. One woman says a relief group offered her two tents for 21 survivors -- but she ended up putting everyone in one tent after people threatened to burn both of them down unless she gave one up.

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