Thursday, November 17, 2011

Havana call to Congress:'8th International Congress of Higher Education “University 2012”'.

Call to Congress

The Ministry of Higher Education and the universities of the Republic of Cuba summon you to the 8th International Congress of Higher Education “University 2012”.
This Congress, to be held in Havana, Cuba, from February 13th to February 17th, 2012, is convened with the declaration “The university for sustainable development”, which reaffirms the responsibility of higher education with society and with its time, when propitiating an environment for reflection and debate, aimed at assessing the university contribution to this development.
Since its first edition in 1998, our congresses are recognized as reflexive spaces, wide, committed and pluralistic, in which both, the halls as the exhibitions areas, become appropriate sites for the discussion of the most various topics related to international higher education agenda.
It will be a pleasure and a privilege to meet again in 2012.


Dr. Omar Herrera

Executive Secretary University 2012

Telephone Number: (537) 835 1083
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