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This web site provides a place for people to volunteer to assist in cleanup operations related to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Organizations working on the cleanup may register here to be connected with volunteers. will link volunteers with cleanup organizations; we will not be directing volunteer activities.

OSHA, BP, Transocean, Homeland Security, USCG, NOAA, EPA, Department of the Interior - We need to hear from you. We have 4300+ people eager to be trained and eager to jump into action when the oil comes ashore. How do they get training? What can they do to help with the cleanup? We have volunteers with prior oil spill cleanup experience, certifications, and commercial boats who are eager to go to work. How can we communicate with the right people to put them to work? The public toll-free numbers aren't working for such things.
Volunteers - Please register using this form. Provide complete as much of the form as possible and indicate whether your contact information can be shared directly with cleanup organizations. Please do not use email to provide your volunteer information. Note that OSHA regs require special training for anyone involved in oil cleanup or oiled-wildlife rehab. BP has contracted with Tri-State to do the cleanup and wildlife rehab. BP will not train volunteers. We are still trying to determine what other work can be done by volunteers.
Volunteers not on the Gulf Coast - At this time we have enough local volunteers to handle the opportunities that have been identified. Please save your travel resources for now.
Caution: Do not attempt oil cleanup work without training and the required safety equipment. The oil waste is a toxic material and can pose a threat. This OSHA handbook for oil spill cleanup will explain. OSHA regulations require that oil spill cleanup personnel have HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) certification. Read about the issue of training and oil cleanup here.
Cleanup Organizations Needing Volunteers - Please send email to describing your needs and activities. (Please route all individual volunteer offers to the registration form here on the web. We are receiving a large number of emails and calls and it's much simpler and more reliable to keep track of volunteers in the database linked to the form. We'd hate to misplace an email and lose contact with you.)
Boat owners - If your boat is capable of handling booms and other spill management and cleanup equipment, you may contact BP's Vessels of Opportunity program at 281.366.5511. Participation under this program would be compensated by BP. (Commercial fishing boats and similar craft, not appropriate for small recreational boats.)
If you have HAZWOPER certifications or wildlife rehabilitiation certification, you may be eligible to work in a paid capacity with BP's contractor Tri-State. Please send an email to with your contact information and certification details. We'll forward the information to BP. (HAZWOPER - Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response)
If you've signed up and had a question - Please be patient, we'll be in touch as soon as possible.
Forecast location of the spill at 0600 CDT on Sunday 5/2/2010 (prepared 1330 on 4/30/10). The red color shows where oil will reach the shore. The Chandeleur Islands and Louisiana marshes will be affected. For additional higher detail plots, see the sites listed on the links page.

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