Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chile’s Bachelet: Earthquake Affected 80% Of Population

El presidente de China Hu Jintao envió el sábado un mensaje de solidaridad a su contraparte chilena Michelle Bachelet ante las pérdidas humanas y materiales causadas por el fuerte terremoto que sacudió Chile esta madrugada.

Hu, en nombre del gobierno chino y en el suyo propio, envió su solidaridad a Bachelet, el pueblo y gobierno chilenos, así como sus condolencias más profundas a las víctimas del terremoto.
Hu señaló que China está lista para ofrecer asistencia de socorro de emergencia a Chile para ayudar a los afectados a superar las dificultades.("Radio China Internacional")

By Carolina Pico
SANTIAGO — Chilean President Michelle Bachelet
 Michelle Bachelettold her earthquake-shattered country that it would be days before her government would be able to completely assess the damage caused by an 8.8-magnitude earthquake that killed 300 people and rattled the southern half of the country on Saturday.
Addressing the country in a nationally televised speech, Bachelet said the earthquake had affected at least 80% of Chile’s population of roughly 16 million but that full details of the devastation would take another two to three days to determine.
“It is still not possible to fully quantify the effects of this catastrophe,” a visibly exhausted but calm Bachelet said in the 9 p.m. Chilean time address.
Bachelet said that at least 1.5 million homes had been damaged in the quake, which struck at 3:34 a.m. She called on citizens to use water, electricity and fuel rationally and pledged to do her best to get the country’s infrastructure moving toward normalcy.
“We are trying by every means possible to bring the country back to normal,” Bachelet said. “We are making every effort to re-establish power supply and telecommunications.”
Bachelet, who has just about two weeks left in her term, thanked the global community for its offers to aid Chile. The country had a large part in aiding Haiti, sending rescue teams and humanitarian aid to assist in the recovery efforts when it was hit by a killer earthquake in January.
“Yesterday it was our turn to help out in Haiti,” Bachelet said. “Today it is our turn to receive this solidarity.”

Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Russia, Ecuador, Great Britain, the U.S. and the United Nations have all extended wishes and offers of aid to Chile

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