Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cuban phisicians in Haiti:only two injure.. They are flyng from Santiago de Cuba, Cuba to Port Prince, Haiti.

Cuban News AgencyPrensa Latina
In a meeting with his Surinamese counterpart Lygia Louise Irene Kraag-Keteldijk who is on an official visit in Havana, Rodriguez said that there were more than 400 Cubans working on collaboration programs in Haiti at the moment the earthquake shook the country and 344 of them are health experts who are already helping out the victims of the natural phenomenon.
The Cuban official said tthe Cuban doctors, nurses and health technicians have already set up two field hospitals, where more than 800 patients have been already assisted and some of them have even undergone surgery.
Rodriguez said the Foreign ministry is coordinating the aid to be sent by several Cuban entities to the neighboring country, including medicines and doctors who will be soon sent over.
He said only two Cubans that are members of the collaboration missions suffered minor injuries from the earthquake. He added that the ministry maintains contact with all of its embassies to the CARICOM nations to coordinate any possible joint help.
Irene Kraag-Keteldijk thanked the Cuban foreign minister for the welcoming and treatment she has received since her arrival in Cuba and said that her governement is evaluating the aid to be provided to the Haitian people.
Irene Kraag-Keteldijk highly appreciated the Cuban help to the Surinamese people,
especially in the medical field. She said: “25,000 of my fellow country people have to thank this country for solving their eye problems after having surgery.”
She also appreciated the opportunity given by Cuba to the Surinamese people to study in the island nation.
Irene Kraag-Keteldijk said to be pleased for the upcoming official opening of her
country's embassy in Havana, which will take place during her visit to Cuba.

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