Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Africa: Continent Called to Aid Haiti's Socio-Economic Recovery.

Due to its own history of receiving assistance in time of need, Africa now needs to play a role in the global arena by taking an active role in Haiti's long term socio economic reconstruction, NEPAD Business Foundation (NBF) has said.

"It is time for Africa to play a meaningful role in assisting Haiti to rebuild its economic infrastructure. Support in industry, trade and agriculture will be central to the recovery and renewal of the Haitian nation," states NBF Operations Chairman, Stanley Subramoney.
Subramoney said, "The tenacity and resourcefulness of the African people will be invaluable in creating a sustainable impact. This is indeed a difficult time for the people of Haiti, but it is a time to face down adversity and proclaim that together with the rest of the world they will overcome these enormous challenges and rise to being a proud nation."
In aid of recovery, beyond relief, The NEPAD Business Foundation has pledged its allegiance to the 'Africa for Haiti' campaign, and commits its resources to uniting African businesses in finding long-term sustainable solutions that will help rebuild Haiti's socio-economic infrastructure beyond this emergency phase.
The NBF will mobilise its members, private sector, government and donor institutions - to contribute to the fund that is aimed at reconstruction.
The funds will be managed by two key non-governmental organizations, Trust Africa and African Monitor.
Graca Machel, who has been a consistent leader in socio-economic concerns in Africa and is heading up this initiative, says that in six months the campaign will send representatives to Haiti.
She says they will firstly, "show the face and voice of African solidarity and secondly, fact-find and identify which are the community organisations and NGOs we can work with so we can channel our support to them, and leave them to be the major implementers of the programmes that we will agree together."
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