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Young cuban writer influenced by Oliver Stone.

Illustrated murderers, games and artifices

Winner of the Louis Roger Nogueras 2009 literary award in Novella with illustrated assassins, the Narrator, essayist and poet city Rafel Grillo warns that today there is no innocent readers


De asesinos ilustrados, juegos y artificios

Ganador del premio literario Luis Rogelio Nogueras 2009 en novela corta, con Asesinos ilustrados, el narrador, ensayista y poeta capitalino Rafel Grillo advierte que hoy no existen lectores inocentes.

Julio Martínez Molina
22 de Diciembre del 2009 22:15:54 CDT

Rosa María Medina - 23 December 2009 10: 14: 29 CDT

Indisputably Grillo has rare intellectual robustness that transgressing and mixes genres into a sort of particularity Grillezca.Bearded Caiman is the best which is published and there is his hand.Hopefully not the output of the novel aletargue and we can enjoy it.

July Martínez Molina
22 December 2009 22: 15: 54 CDT

The jury of the Prix literary Louis Roger Nogueras 2009 distinguished himself in illustrated assassins, Novella to recognize in its author, Rafael Grillo, 'originality in addressing the issue, its playful sense and his mastery of language reflecting profound literary knowledge'.

They are those just listed, three of the fundamental characteristics that define the record of this Narrator, essayist and poet city 39, whose recognizable authorship belong already published volumes, echoes in the maze and weapons and the Office.

'Rafael thinks that assassins ... 'is a very peculiar book, which somehow makes synthesis of everything I am and what I do', where cohabitation since false journalism, psycho-thriller and a generic, crosses until the construction of artifice, Chinese boxes snafu, references mil...'.

Written in just one month, full time, this novel, atypical in the words of his own maker, tense their narrative rope from the disappearance of the editor of a magazine imaginary Cuban police literature called Thoroughbred. The Black island.

"Are four stories I am almost as a fourth author, because the characters are those who are writing from the inside." There is an enigma, and so many detectives as people or readers who wish to join the adventure to find the answer to this. 'If the reader wishes to enter the game, will be search for what really happened between these characters'.

Playful since its title (play the film born assassins, Oliver Stone, and some of his senses), the play is set on the basis of images of famous paintings, fragmentation and various digressions to understand how godefroit texts, says its creator.

Illustrated assassins is a book for recipients curtidos in the art of reading. Cricket is based on a premise to endorse his singular Scriptural label: 'today there is no innocent readers; there is no naivety, because we have accumulated layers of culture. Load as Sisyphus, those centuries of culture, and the best we can do this is to enjoy it. My taste for management of the intertextualidad is the reflection of a brand of time'.

Then add this comment: ' modernity meant "anguish influences", the desperate need remove top influences school which preceded you, which caused the controversy between an and other avant-garde, that kind of new manifests as to say: I am doing now. '

"In contrast - abounds-, the spirit of the postmodern is otherwise; means"the ecstasy of influences". ' 'Passes through comfort with everything that is read and the nod towards making another accomplice".

He tries to play with it, and another concept, which is always present in everything writes. The idea of literature as "artifice": develop a device to the reader in something that all the time is saying that, ultimately, nothing true.

' Is the syndrome of suspicion, but led to the terrain of the game, the enjoyment... ' Because, however, we have a skepticism as brutal and radical towards everything as we see, listen, talk, when already even an image may be necessarily true, and a video, nothing... Online revived Michael Jackson... anyway...

' Then is that the only way to live with the above - dimension - would this certainty that anything is falseable; keeping awake but enjoying this; enjoy a responsible sense '.

Louis Roger Nogueras award implies the publication. So enlightened assassins will be released almost parallel to its Alphabet histories, volume of stories that will be edited at an early date.

Revenge of Sisyphus, his third compilation of essays, also reach the public at a time not distant. Rafael Grillo traverses a happy moment in an auguradora career of new episodes of relief.

With that, somewhat transversal vision of culture, not means of watertight compartments and detests encapsulated in this or that area of literary creation. What does, of the genus, that Yes, weapon with a desire to reach the largest number of readers.

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