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Dar a los pobres les mantiene en la pobreza. Ahora, usted tiene la manera de crear puestos de trabajo en estas circunstancias?La agricultura sería el camino más rápido para crear puestos de trabajo. La producción de alimentos les dará no sólo el alimento para sí mismos, una necesidad básica y que será capaz de vender su producción para generar dinero en efectivo. Cuando usted tiene dinero en efectivo en sus manos, su actitud, su visión, su manera de pensar cambia totalmente.¿Quién quiere ayudar debe ayudar de esta manera.Crear una entidad de producción de alimentos creación de empleos para la población.Luego de que se extienda a puestos de trabajo en la salud, la producción de electricidad y transporte.

The key to help people in these conditions is to create sustainable jobs for them!It will not help to collect money to send them generators, water tanks and pumps, bus for transportation.
You must start with a package.
Job creation.
And if the job requires transportation then you provide that. Now as they begin to work and earn a living you can invest in water, electricity and health projects where the workers would contribute some of the costs.
This will give them pride.
Their is nothing like someone who is able to contribute to the progress of his surroundings.
The investors will get their money back and re-invest in other projects.
Then the people will be able to elect to choose their future.
Give, give to the poor keeps them in poverty.Now, how to create jobs under these circumstances?
Agriculture would be the fastest way to create jobs. Food production will give them not only food for themselves, a basic need and they will be able to sell their production to generate cash. When you have cash in your hands, your attitude, your vision, your way of thinking change totally.Who ever want to help must help in this way.Create a food production entity creating jobs for the population.
Then that will spread to jobs in health, electricity production and transportation.
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