Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Sarasota, Florida Family Park with a local museums.

A place to meditate in the midst of nature inspires, enriches instuicion and tested by science, influences the daily stress management, blood pressure and heart rate. ..Un lugar para meditar en medio de la naturaleza es fuente de inspiracion, enriquece la instuicion y probado por la ciencia, tiene influencia en el control de las tensiones diarias, la presion sanguinea y el ritmo cardiaco..(Ref:(1))

Aqui, vemos este panel de instrucciones para la autoterapia.
Here, we see this panel instructions for self-therapy.

In the training course as there are signs that, in installments, to stop progress and measure heart rate.

En la pista de ejercicios hay senales como esta, en distintos tramos, para parar la marcha y medir el pulso cardiaco.

The Park "Urfer Family" meets vital functions for the community in Sarasota County because its architecture is dedicated to public health life style at the level of primary care from physicians ...
The decrease in heart disease, anti smoking policies and decreasing stress through exercise, meditation, social and cultural life of the family are the first results of this complex under the American concept of green architecture.
The women, mainly Hispanic women have the No. 1 in patients with stroke in the U.S. due to family and social tensions untreated and lifestyle.
Economic indices of health in America: To get an idea of the importance of prevention and control of diseases through the culture of life and economic impact as a Sarasota County, consider these figures. Fast Facts on Coronary Heart Disease
• Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the leading cause of death in the United States
• There are nearly 1.5 million heart attacks per year in the U.S., according to the American Heart Association
• An American will suffer a heart attack every 34 seconds
• Coronary heart disease is also the leading cause of health care costs. More than $ 475 billion is spent annually on treating CHD, including: - $ 100,000 for each coronary bypass surgery - $ 50,000 for each angioplasty - $ 30,000 for each diagnostic cardiac catheterization
• There are nearly 500.000 coronary artery bypass grafts and 1.3 million angioplasties performed every year
Stress is thought to Contribute to the development of CHD(1.)

The new Park "Urfer Family" outweigh the investment costs and maintenance savings in expenditure on public health for Sarasota County, especially if NGOs County and the local primary medical community develop policies among their patients
1.-(From:Heart Disease Patients who Practice Transcendental Meditation have Nearly 50% Lower Rates of Heart Attack, Stroke, and Death
Results of first-ever study to be presented at annual meeting of the American Heart Association in Orlando, Nov. 16)

From a medical standpoint, the architecture of the park, "Urfer" integrates the community to physical exercise, meditation with nature, family life linked to the values of local cultural identity, both elements increase health mental people, has a strong impact on quality of life of the community and spending on public health of the county in an amount greater or twenty times more than the cost of maintenance
Desde el punta de vista medico,la arquitectura del parque "Urfer" integra la comunidad a la practica del ejercicio fisico, la meditacion con la naturaleza,, la vida familiar vinculada a los valores de la identidad cultural local, todos estos elementos incrementan la salud mental de las personas, tiene un fuerte impacto en la calidad de vida de la comunidad y disminuye el gasto de salud publica del condado en una cantidad veinte veces mayor o mas que el costo de mantenimiento.

Du point de vue médical, l'architecture du parc, «Urfer" intègre la communauté à l'exercice physique, la méditation avec la nature, la vie familiale liée aux valeurs de l'identité culturelle locale, à la fois augmenter éléments concernant la santé mentale des gens, a un fort impact sur la qualité de vie de la communauté et les dépenses de santé publique du comté dans un montant supérieur ou vingt fois plus que le coût de la maintenance.


Inside the new park in Sarasota, Florida my wife surprised loocking for first time the original technology that made possible between 1909 and 1920 the construction of anti-earthquake building based on concreted blocks, it was stunning to find the original source, a few steps of home, in this museum pieces that show us what we had studied in books and road engineering thesis and architecture so many years ago when we were young at the Universidad de Oriente in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba in collaboration, at that time, with the Kalinin Polytechnic Institute of Sain-Petersburg, Russia.This is the original 1909 machine invented in America to make the first concreted block with mechanical design that make in 1921 develop the first building antisismic research in an American University and soon later in Russia. Actually million in the world are safest thank this technologist develop by enginnering of road and Arquitecture, American School.
This is a poster of the house that the City of Sarasota will open soon as a local museum inside the Park, dated in 1907.
Not surprisingly in Sarasota, Florida, when the park opens, the sarasotians, non for profit, in this county, organize exhibitions where there is a rich local history and a vocation to family life,farms, nature, camping, art,circus, marines science and technology.

Here in Sarasota, is in United States history, the socio-economy industrial focus of American Heritage Florida 1920-1945, and, to show an example, we present an eminent local artist dedicates his work to preserve the local historical heritage that is influencing the world.

American children from twelve years and younger to 35 years have a huge concern for the environment and the food crisis worldwide, and unanimously supported Obama in his election. They were atracted by the exposition about how to save the bees.(All pictures in the Park have been taken by Gualterio Nunez Estrada with Olympus SP-565UZ made in Viet Nam.You can copy for free.)

In Honore and Big Ridge is located the First Urfer family Park with a museum of local Florida American Heritage that will opening soon in the Zip Code 34233.
Now you can manage your strees very easy, for free and boost your brain with phsical training equipment by the way you walk in this Park and at the same time you have signs to stop and measure your hearth rate when you joggin...but also, you can have information about your own heritage and "green" education about enviroment care...

Today, at ten in the morning, less than fifteen minutes from the Sarasota Bay and on the corner of the house where I live, has opened a park for families to do exercises, celebrate birthdays and have a vision of step local culture in a museum located in a former country house of 1907 which is still preserved.

American construction machinery from 1909 to 1920 on display in the "URFER FAMILY" Park during his inauguration is especially important because worldwide originated the technique in construction of earthquake-resistant buildings, particularly in areas such as in Tashkent, Uzbekistan where the students are trained to deal with earthquakes subjected to intense this region, thanks to U.S. technology that we saw in the park was able to develop a new architecture, from l921, based on enginnering of concrete blocks prodution to designe earthquakes resistant buildings.

Строительная техника на выставке в парке во время его инаугурации особенно важно, поскольку во всем мире возникла технику в строительстве сейсмостойкость зданий, особенно в таких областях, как в Ташкенте, Узбекистан, где студенты обучаются на случай землетрясений подвергали интенсивной этом регионе, благодаря американской технологии, что мы видели в парке удалось разработать новую архитектуру l921 землетрясения.

La maquinaria de construccion que se exhibe en este parque durante su inauguracion tiene una especial importancia porque origino en todo el mundo la tecnica de construccion de edificios antisismicos, sobre todo en areas, como en Tashken, Uzbekistan donde los escolares son entrenados para enfrentarse a terremotos intensos a que esta sometida la region, gracias a la tecnologia norteamericana que vimos en el parque se pudo desarrollar una nueva arquitectura antisismica a partir de l921.
Earthquakes have much impact on seismic zones, from a very early age pupils are taught to protect themselves, please click the video and will see a class where Tahsken primary schoolchildren are taught to protect themselves in case of earthquake ...

I was surprised when I saw the exhibition for construction machinery from the early nineteenth showing old machines to make concrete blocks ranging from 1909 to 1920 when they had to perfect this type of architecture and civil engineering, precisely because during the seventies when I analyzed Russian thesis advised by an architect on the construction of earthquake-resistant buildings in the district, "Jose Marti" in Santiago de Cuba this told me that the original basic thesis of the reference came from an American university in 1921 as indicated by the bilbiografy in Russian, and now I am here in Sarasota that I can see the old machines that made it possible for millions of individuals are protected against earthquakes in buildings of four floors or more, the rusted machinery, here in this park in Sarasota that gave rise to many thousands of apartments in my hometown so close to Sarasota, Florida and its inhabitants at that time for a thesis in addition to proven architecture and affable character, friendly and hospitable nature of its inhabitants who are so much like my people in Cuba by frequent expressions of love and affection so they treat us wherever we go ... Perhaps that the technology will also have the imprint of the soul and hope of which made their work and sweat for others to enjoy their dedication and effort no matter where they are, or who are ...? Anyway, I think, this is the magic where there is a strong cultural impact in all this old machinery especially in the American Heritage full of symbols from the work culture and advanced technology for all the planet, no only for americans or sarasotians residents...
Hoy, a las diez de la manana, a menos de quince minutos de la bahia de Sarasota y en la esquina de la casa donde vivo, acaban de inaugurar un parque para que las familias hagan ejercicios, celebren cumpleanos y de paso tengan una vision de la cultura local en un museo localizado en una antigua casona de campo de 1901 que aun se conserva.Yo me lleve una sorpresa cuando vi la exposicion de maquinaria de construccion de principios del XiX donde se muestran antiguas maquinas de hacer bloques de hormigon que van de 1909 hasta 1920 cuando se hubo de perfeccionar este tipo de arquitectura e ingenieria civil, precisamente porque durante los anos setenta cuando yo analizaba tesis rusas asesorado por un arquitecto sobre la construccion de edificios antisismicos en el distrito "Jose Marti" de Santiago de Cuba este me senalo que la tesis basica original de la referencia procedia de una universidad norteamericana en 1921 como indicaba la bilbiografia en ruso, y ahora me encuentro aqui en Sarasota que estoy viendo las maquinas norteamericanas que hicieron posible que millones de personas esten protegidas contra los terremotos en edificios de cuatro plantas o mas, esa maquinaria oxidada, aqui en este parque de Sarasota que dio origen a tantos miles de apartamentos en mi ciudad natal tan cercana a Sarasota, Florida y sus habitantes en ese momento por una tesis de arquitectura y ademas por demostrado caracter afable, amistoso y hospitalario de sus habitantes que tanto se parecen a los de mi pueblo en Cuba por las frecuentes expresiones de amor y carino conque nos tratan dondequiera que vamos...Sera acaso que la tecnologia tambien tiene la huella del alma y la esperanza del que la hizo y la trabajo con su sudor para que otros disfrutaran de su dedicacion y su esfuerzo no importa donde esten, ni quienes sean...?De todas maneras, pienso yo, hay un fuerte impacto cultural en toda esta maquinaria antigua sobre todo en el American Heritage llena de simbolos provenientes de la cultura del trabajo y la tecnologia avanzada...
Сегодня, в десять часов утра, менее чем за пятнадцать минут от Sarasota Bay и на углу дома, где я живу, открыл парк для семей делать упражнения, празднуют дни рождения и иметь видение шаг местные культуры в музее, расположенном в бывшем загородном доме 1901 года которого еще сохранились. Я был удивлен, когда я увидел на выставке строительной техники с начала девятнадцатого показаны старые машины для производства бетонных блоков от 1909 до 1920, когда он был совершенным этот тип архитектуры и гражданского строительства, именно потому, что во время семидесятых годов, когда я проанализировал Русский диссертации рекомендовано архитектор по строительству сейсмостойких зданий в районе "Хосе Марти" в Сантьяго-де-Куба этом рассказал мне, что первоначально основной тезис ссылкой пришла из американского университета в 1921 году, как указано в bilbiografia на русском языке, и сейчас я нахожусь здесь, в городе Сарасота, что я вижу машины, которые сделали это возможным для миллионов людей были защищены от землетрясений в здании четыре этажа, ржавых машин, здесь, в этом парке в г. Сарасота, что привело к многотысячным Квартиры в моем родном городе так близко к Сарасота, Флорида и его жителей в это время за диссертацию в дополнение к проверенной архитектуры и приветливым характером, дружелюбным и гостеприимным характером своих жителей, которые так нравятся мои люди на Кубе частых выражений любви и ласки, чтобы они относились к нам там, где мы идем ... Возможно, что эта технология также будет иметь на себе отпечаток души и надеемся, которые сделали свою работу и потом на радость людям их преданность и усилия, независимо от того, где они находятся, или кто ...? Во всяком случае, я думаю, существует сильное культурное влияние на все это старая техника, особенно в американском наследии полная символов от культуры производства и передовые технологии ...

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