Monday, November 9, 2009

Sarasota Herald Tribune: Sarasota County argue law to protect trees.

Preserving the quality of life and survival.
The idea is to protect, not only the large trees, but younger ones who are now developing its roots and represent a guarantee of future ecosystem in Sarasota, Florida .-
As if not enough that a judge ordered a man who cut a tree where an eagle was nesting, Sarasota residents intend to discuss how to protect trees by county law. according to the edition I read last Sunday, in this fountain of wisdom and understanding which is the local newspaper "Sarasota Herald Tribune" an exponent of investigative journalism and scientific and whom I consider a source of trustworthy information for any economist, investor or academic about the world because this organ of the press is characterized by its research teams very professional and ethical.
I also was informed in this very useful newspaper that the museum soon in Sarasota will be open to an academic conference that will make a giving evidence that the painter Rubens was really a spy whose mission was to make peace between Spain and the Netherlands, interesting, right? Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.
Click here:(1) Sarasota County may protect more trees Pulse aqui.
Trees that are likely candidates to become tall, canopied centerpieces of a property would get a new level of protection from being cut down under a proposed county law. Sarasota County already makes it particularly hard to cut down a "grand" tree,... Published November 8, 2009
Sarasota County Comission for tree law is very useful for poor caribbeans countries as a legal reference, click here:
Baby Grand Tree Classification Frequently Asked Questions - 9:41am
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick ViewThe County is considering the Baby Grand Tree classification in order to plan for more ... Will I be able to remove a Baby Grand Tree on my property? - Similar -
Rubens: Master artist and spy
Art history students probably won't be surprised by the subject matter of Mark Lamster's new book, "Master of Shadows: The Secret Diplomatic Career of the Painter Peter Paul Rubens." But the general population may be startled by the revelation that... Published November 8, 2009

薩拉索塔先驅論壇報:薩拉索塔縣爭論的法律保護樹木。 好像還不夠,法官下令一名男子誰削減的樹中是一個老鷹築巢,薩拉索塔居民打算討論如何保護樹木縣法律。根據我閱讀的版本上週日,在這個噴泉的智慧和理解這是當地報紙“薩拉索塔先驅論壇報”1指數的調查和科學新聞被我視為值得信賴的信息來源,對任何經濟學家,投資者或學術約世界,因為這個機構的新聞的特點是其研究團隊非常專業和道德。 我也了解到,博物館即將在薩拉索塔學術會議將作出這表明畫家魯本斯是真正的間諜,其使命是使和平與西班牙和荷蘭,有趣的,對不對?
Cuidemos nuestros arboles, ellos son el futuro de la calidad de vida y de la supervivencia.
La idea es proteger, no solo a los arboles grandes, sino a los mas pequenos que ahora desarrollan sus raices y representan la garantia del futuro del ecosistema en Sarasota, Florida.-
"Sarasota Herald Tribune":Discuten en Condado de Sarasota (Sarasota County) ley para proteger arboles.Como si no fuera poco que un juez condenara a un hombre que corto un arbol donde anidaba un aguila, los vecinos de Sarasota se proponen discutir como proteger a los arboles mediante una ley del condado, segun pude leer en la edicion del domingo pasado, en esa fuente de sabiduria y entendimiento que es el periodico local "Sarasota Herald Tribune" un exponente del periodismo investigativo y cientifico y al cual considero una fuente de informacion confiable para cualquier economista, inversionista o academico alrededor del mundo ya que este organo de prensa se caracteriza por sus equipos de investigacion muy profesionales y eticos.Tambien me entere de que proximamente en el museo de Sarasota un academico hara una conferencia dando pruebas de que el pintor Rubens era en realidad un espia cuya mision era hacer la paz entre Espana y Holanda, interesante, ?verdad?

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