Monday, November 23, 2009

The newspaper "Sarasota Herald Tribune is the main source of information about the global economy crisis

El periodico "Sarasota Herald Tribune" es la fuente principal de informacion sobre la crisis economica mundial.
Газета "Sarasota Herald Tribune является основным источником информации о глобальном экономическом кризисе.
وذكرت صحيفة "هيرالد تريبيون ساراسوتا هو المصدر الرئيسي للمعلومات حول الأزمة
الاقتصادية العالمية.
This newspaper have a team of journalist full time working in the field, Sarasota, Florida, the main center of the Big Depression in 1930 and The Great Depression we are living now, then I recomended to scholars, economist, goverment cabinet to be informed every day about what the Sarasota Herald Tribune" found in this area of Florida the hepicenter point of the economy crisis to have and idea about what wouldbe the next scenary in this very unbalanced situation around the world. Nobody has this kind of team of journalist very acurate and living for years in thes field that influence the economy in the planet.This is my consideration as reader of this media. Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida 34233.

Este es un termometro de lo que esta pasando en el area y que tarde o temprano repercutira en su pais donde quiera que usted se encuentre:"Ganadores y perdedores en La Gran Depresion"
This is a thermometer that now is happening in the area:Click here to the article:The Great Recession: winners (sort of) and losers

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