Monday, November 23, 2009

"Jamaican Observer": a hard time for workers.

A small poor country like Jamaica paid a hundred times the weight of the global economic crisis when confronted with a banking system based in rich countries unequal trade and political discrimination against the weak economy of developing countries.The global economic crisis created by rich countries is passing the bill for the weaker economy and isolated, without political credit, and where a product of the basic food basket worth ten, twenty times or thirty times more than in a rich country. ..Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.

Un pais pobre y pequeno como Jamaica paga cien veces mas el peso de la crisis economica mundial cuando se enfrenta a un sistema bancario de paises ricos basado en el intercambio desigual y la discriminacion politica ante la debilidad de la economia de los paises en desarrollo.La crisis economica mundial creada por los paises ricos esta pasando la cuenta a las economias mas debiles y aisladas, sin credito politico, y donde un producto de la canasta basica de alimentos vale diez, veinte veces o treinta veces mas que en un pais rico...
Having to live on minimum wage
...a harsh reality for many Jamaicans

By Alicia Roache
Sunday, November 22, 2009

Think about all the things you can buy with $4,070. Think harder
Four thousand and seventy dollars can't even buy a good pair of shoes, yet, that is how much many Jamaicans who earn the national minimum wage - $814 - a day, must survive on weekly.
"The cash register rings and the items add up. A can of corned beef costs $165, a can of mackerel - $53.52, a can of sardines - $51.22, a (very) small whole chicken (1kg) $275.57, 1 kg salted fish - $529, one sachet skimmed milk powder - $62.40, one can sweetened condensed milk, $107.50, one bottle cooking oil (500ml), $131.99, brown sugar (1kg) $68.75, bulk rice (1kg) $74.44, bulk cornmeal (1kg) $86.99, counter flour (1kg) $59.50, 1 doz eggs, $149. The cost to feed a family of three, for a week - too much.
Those who must survive on this sum speak of a life of hardships and sacrifices, and what's worse is that some employers exploit workers by paying sums lower than the minimum stipulated by law." (if you wanto read the article click here about how is going on the economy depression in Jamaica)

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