Thursday, October 22, 2009

Without values we are a smaller part of the animal kingdom, one more of the species. "

Dr. Jose Narro Robles MD, mexican phisician and scientific researcher. RECTOR OF UNAM (UNIVERSITY OF MEXICO)National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is the largest campus in the Americas.
In 2007 the National University in Mexico (UNAM) was elected by the UNESCO as a World heritage site thanks to its great architectural value.
Narro Robles graduated with honours from a bachelor's degree in Medicine at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (1973) and holds a postgraduate degree in Community Medicine from the University of Birmingham (1978) in the United Kingdom.
He has published over 56 articles and has enacted as advisor for the World Health Organization. He has been an active a member of the National Academy of Medicine since 1992. [1]
Aside from the academic field, José Narro Robles has worked as General Director of Health Services of the Mexican Federal District, as the Secretary-General of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Undersecretary of Migratory Services and Population at the Ministry of the Interior (Secretaría de Gobernación) and Undersecretary of Health at the Federal Secretariat of Health.[2]
Dr. Jose Narro Robles (Saltillo, Coahuila, 1948), rector from a couple of years ago, tomorrow takes Prince of Asturias Prize for Communications and Humanities for "our influence in Latin America, relations with the Spanish universities" and hosting the Spanish exile.
This is from an interview in the newspaper "El Pais", Madrid. Spain, today, to the Dr. Jose Narro Robles, rector of the University of Mexico, UNAM.
Excerpts of the interview:

What UNAM rector wants? "

- "One in plurality, tolerance, dialogue and discussion, but also with decisions. We want a university critical, but not militant; free but not antagonistic.

Do not militant? How does that happen? "

-"Allowing and encouraging and respecting the plurality truth: that is to accept that perhaps the neighbor you are right. Whoever thinks as dogmatic and university lost consciousness. A university (mind)is to challenge, to be willing to challenge his own truth to begin with, their own way of seeing things

Mexico would not be better without the UNAM, and UNAM not be the same if he had no exile, that injection of intelligence, wisdom, values and principles. Without values we are a smaller part of the animal kingdom, one more of the species. "

Source, click here in spanish:

-Una con pluralidad, tolerancia, diálogo, debate, pero también con decisiones. Queremos una universidad crítica, pero no militante; libre, pero no antagónica".
¿No militante? ¿Cómo se hace eso? "Permitiendo y estimulando y respetando de verdad esa pluralidad: eso supone aceptar que tal vez el vecino tenga la razón. Quien piensa como dogmático ya perdió el sentido universitario. Un universitario tiene que retar, que estar dispuesto a desafiar su propia verdad para empezar, su propia forma de ver las cosas".

"México no sería mejor sin la UNAM; y la UNAM no sería igual si no hubiera tenido el exilio, esa inyección de inteligencia, de sensatez, de valores y principios. Sin valores somos una parte menor del reino animal, una más de las especies"."

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