Tuesday, October 13, 2009

United States school violence, homeless childrens and teenagers:: somebody must take action.

Foreclosure hit England too: Laura Whitney(pregnant) and Richard Webster are living in their carRead more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1040540/Families-forced-live-sheds-cars-credit-crunch-bites.html#ixzz0TpjZdNOT

Venice, Sarasota and Bradenton in Florida has an increasing problem with homeless students:

"Students are considered homeless if they live in shelters, cars or on the streets, and if they live in motels or with other families."

(from "Sarasota Herald Tribune", click here:http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20091011/ARTICLE/910111040)

Domestic critics of U.S. President Obama treat him like a magician in the middle of a show can turn a piece of paper into a hundred dollars or pulling rabbits, fish and doves from a hat at the touch of a wand.

Nobody seems to realize that several administrations and supported by wealthy elites have squandered iresponsables to ease the money and resources of the nation for decades as the failed geopolitical: fifty years of blockade against Cuba, the Korean War, Vietnam and the disaster in Iraq, Afghanistan were the Russians, with better logistical civil and military than american failed and had experienced before, to be going to total bankruptcy and had have to wait over twenty five years to begin to recover, but nobody thinks that everyone is calling for a problem to the President and Congress that in fact is the responsibility of the whole American society as a community of mayors, counties and cities, many more than federal.. ..

We has an example: the problem of violence in schools and universities in the United States where students kill each other easily and even kill a teacher, many more now that we have an dramatically increansingly homeless childrens and teenagers living in shelters an cars in very stressing condition everywhere... everyone asks for money to pay officers and security teams and hopes the government will solve the problem, but nobody thinks that county-level volunteers can organize neighbors to support surveillance in schools and to monitor surveillance cameras without wait for the money and government resources, only locally under managing of the the mayor and the city school board department, yourself, no one thinks that the root of the problem of school violence safesty control involved: educating behavior to risk group by the team psiquiatrist-teacher-psicologist-spiritual guide, rol sex gender orientation onto universal mental health in childrens, teenagers and young college student based on the creation of interdisciplinary commissions of teachers, sociologists, psychiatrists, sexologists and esprituales guidelines for assessing risk groups and treat them early before autodestructive behavior irrupcion in the mental map with support of county volunteers to support the budget, as it could be. for school safety, without having to wait for the Congress aproval of a bill, is not for a stimulus decree presidential, only with the resource management itself and the money that exists because who really controls the proliferation of this violence is the community support to the elite of phiscians, teachers and local scientists to assess and manage cases prone to this type of violence that police alone is unable to solve because that is not the nature of their work as such.

United States of America has lost a lot more than currency value, the sense of community that save your spirit and soul better than money and resources unsuseful in the hands of soul deaths walking in the street, which in practice when compared with other countries, we have in America luxury extras and more and more material resources than anybody in the planet.

Somebody must take action to save the spirit of the Nation the most importan resource of the american people..Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.

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