Sunday, October 18, 2009

There were Korean influences in some street and house of the caribbeans islands?

This is Padre Pico Street, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, a street that is in the area near the port city where were usually resided primarily Chinese, but it seems that maybe Koreans had, among the Asian immigrants that cuban name "chinesse", who influenced the architecture of this street.We pay attention to this area of the cuban city because we saw in a South Korean blog a photo of a street very close to Padre Pico street with a staircase made exclusively for pedestrians.Esta es la calle Padre Pico, en Santiago de Cuba,Cuba, una calle que esta en el area cercana al puerto de la ciudad donde usualmente residian fundamentalmente chinos, pero tal parece que habia coreanos, entre los asiaticos inmigrantes, que influyeron en la arquitectura de esta area de la ciudad debido a que vimos en un blog de Corea del Sur la foto de una calle muy parecida a la de Cuba hecha con una escalinata exclusivamente para personas a pie.

This is the is one street in The Alleyways of Old Singye-dongtreet, a neighborhood of Seoul that has been as a historical main center, huge modern buildings around there and this so beatiful blog from South Korea where I found:
The Marmot's Hole
Korea… in Blog Format

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