Wednesday, October 21, 2009

South Korean envoy stresses ‘peaceful’ unification process

By Nour Abuzant
Latest Update: Wednesday21/10/2009October, 2009, 01:07 AM Doha Time

South Korea’s new ambassador to Qatar, Chang See-jeong, believes that a successful unification of the two Koreas should be done in a “well-planned” and peaceful manner even if the process took a longer time. He said the Koreans should learn from the experience of the German unification, which took place some two decades ago, when the two countries, having different forms of governments and economic levels, became one nation, respecting the aspiration of its citizens. Talking to Gulf Times on the sidelines of the three-day Korean film festival, the envoy, who came to Qatar last month, said that the unification of the two Korean nations “should be able to uphold the universal humane principles like freedom, democracy, market economy, human rights, etc ”. Asked about North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, the envoy said the irrevocable and complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula would be the first step to accomplish any meaningful progress towards stability in the region and the world. He recalled Korean President Lee Myung-bak’s suggestion of a one-shot approach, which involves the exchange of security assurance and economic aid corresponding to North Korea’s abandonment of the core areas of its nuclear programme. The proposal is called the “Grand Bargain.” He said that the recent resumption of negotiations between south and north Koreas on family unification “was a positive step that should be followed by others”.On relations with the North Korean government, he said that inter-Korean relations, from his country’s point of view, “are based on pragmatism”. Describing the South Korean-Qatari relations as promising, the ambassador said that his country was looking forward to enhance the trade volume between the two nations, estimated currently at $17bn. Korea is Qatar ’s second biggest trading partner, the envoy said. He said that the ties between the two countries “could further develop in all fields particularly because they have great potential based upon complementary economic and industrial structure.” He said that the Korean film festival was an opportunity to understand life in modern Korea . “Such events are necessary to introduce your culture to others,” he said. “Korean movies are very popular and strong. For instance, they account for 50-60% of the market share in the domestic film market.”
Korean film festival concludesThe three-day Korean film festival in Doha concluded at the Qatar National Theater on Monday. The event was inaugurated on October 17 by HE the Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage Dr. Hamad bin Abdulaziz al-Kuwari and the South Korean ambassador Chang See-jeong. The films screened were “200 Pounds Beauty”, “Forever the Moment”, and “Le Grand Chef”, reflecting modern Korean lifestyle. Organisers said that the films gave a glimpse into the lives of the Korean people. The festival was part of the second Korean Arab Friendship Express Caravan. Qatar was the festival’s second station after Egypt . The next stops are Oman , Lebanon and Kuwait.

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