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Some considerations on public spending, education and legal systems that may impact the current health system in America.

Dr. Walter Reed.

Introducion .- Since the times of Dr. Walter Reed in Santiago deCuba, Cuba to the date, according to my experience of living and working in Cuba in the mass media and the Scientific Research Dpt. in the Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba, the Cuban Communist Party alongside his history and the cuban government, actually, takes into consideration the criteria of American doctors and / or Cuban Americans before those of any other U.S. or any other foreign delegation visiting the island, it does not matter any kind of political or ideological reason because they assess American society, with national security and international geopolitical purposes, based on the American Health System.

Health System is the main factor to measure a country behavior.

The American worker is avail itself to assist sick to work because you lose everything in most cases unlike the Cuban social security and health system that only allows the employee if it has been discharged by the doctor, the same American pregnant women about to have to work almost until he goes to give birth and can be discarded before the baby birth by the employer, may be it could be the case by my experience in United States,, completely unthinkable in Cuba where the health system and social security pay months before and after the baby birth until the ginecologist and pediatricians determine for the women to work, during that time period, she don't lose nothing and get a salary and in addition, by law,have the guarantee to recover the senior position at their jobs.
In Cuba, the employer who agreed to replace in the job a sick worker without medical prescription to be able to work is high demoted from office and punished with jail in the cubans courts, much more aggravated if a woman is pregnant or has given birth.
In the U.S., insurance companies and employers are given the power and shake hands to compel patients still sicks to be back to work without medical prescription even women with months of gestation or who have recently given birth because in other way they looss eveything and in many cases thrown out if they are undocumented or they lose the senior position and the previous rate, despite the medical doctor's decision, here, never mind.

This is obvious and probed in the practice, for example, if you are inside any department America and Sociologist the cuban universities since 1990 and you analyzed the state legal orientacion of the juridical person onto civil cuban society in reference to the cultural rol gender based on influenced inside cuban society of and australian-american phisician and scientific researcher plus througth this influenced in the literature and doctorated in caribbean studies, my friend Dr. Jhon Money who pass away recently...(Ref:Bibliography:
ISBN 10:
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Spanish: Adult Nonfiction , Professor Julio Cuevas, PhD in Philosophy for a Global World (Pending Thesis) - University of the Basque Country, Spain and the University Autonomus of Santo Domingo, Domminican Republic, (UASD). Dr. Jhon Money's Sexophie and philia conception in sex offender(See The Kinsey Institute, "Jhon Money", spanish archive(CUBA),"Kaplan" and International Psiquiatrist Congress in Israel, "Jhon Money speech about sex offender", 1971) .

It is my conviction that American corporate society, even in the absence of unions, can not and should not shirk its social responsibility towards a reform of the health system and Educacion as did the corporate society in Mexico during the massacre of Tatlelolco and subsequently, Guatemala , Honduras and Cuba of Fulgencio Batista before, irresponsibly, because corporate social irresponsibility as it was described by the british phisician and philosofer Jhon Locked historically is a source of class struggle and instability of the state in the area America, including the United States itself, now we're experiencing that corporate irresponsability here with employment and housing crisis ... we do not want more of the same because it undermines the social pact classes that some call democracy.
My primary cubanamerican phisician in Miami pay for me and my wife our co-payment and many test that don't cover my "almost nothing" insurer because he knows we earn a so very little rate.

"We the people are the government," Chen said. "We are the people who are responsible for what happens in our communities. Besides, right now it's the insurance companies that are getting between physicians and their patients. That's what's really getting in the way."Read more:


Quelques considérations sur les dépenses publiques, l'éducation et les systèmes juridiques qui mai l'impact du système de santé actuel en Amérique.

1.-We need a "new" Health System in America not his one, very unsafe and discriminative for the whole nation.

Compared with the health system in Cuba, the U.S. system lacks clinical approach as a preventive system of community and neighborhood level, does not guarantee the quality of life, it is unreliable, causing many expenses to the patient, loss time and in many cases exposes you to death, desabilitacion or bankruptcy, even with health insurance, despite the vast mine of King Midas it possesses resources of all kinds as nobody ever dreamed on planet earth.

I believe that Congress and the U.S. Senate must balance this problem when discussing the plans and the interest of President Obama's change because the criterion in the White House is unobjectionable in terms of failures and mistakes of the current system Health expenditure and causing more social problems to state that investments needed to modify it to acceptable levels, we know that it takes time, effort and intelligence because we are in a blind alley from the standpoint of social, economic and political depending whether health policies to target the Americans as an intrinsic part of their levels of education in universities and scientific research centers, national security and the projection of U.S. foreign policy.
The greatest demonstration of the poor quality of health care, eye sight, is the large number of children and obese people, most future diabetes and / or cardiac patients.

2.-It is necessary to develop health prevention policies regarding food in America.

- The high rate of cancer among Cubans who emigrate to the United States have ties with the new habits of life they acquire in their new country: Many in America developed the habit of smoking, eating too much junk food and, because of the attractiveness of car use and other social environment stop walking, exercising and stress load for wanting to climb as fast as possible on the social ladder U.S...

We know from studies of Nazi doctors after three months of internment in a concentration camp only survived the most weak and undernourished people, overfeeding protein can break a chain and trigger a disease according to some theorists, but the statistics do not lie , the cancer rate is considered associated with lifestyle and diet in this country where we have all the resource to balance the problem.

I could take my idea how it comes the health system in America compared to Cuba when by the form of interviews for ten days in the field, empirically, in my recent vacation trip to Cuba I found with surprise that the symptoms of dementia and poor quality of life(relation mind/brain) in the elderly over sixty years old in Cuba are, today, so many much lower when I compared to the older Americans one and this is the biggest indicator of a quality in a health system, ninety miles away, in the practice.

Cuban Health System care better about seniors than the american one with a little money and lack of hospital resources, how it comes?

I saw in Cuba, interviewing doctors, that there are about six main strategies that Cuban primary doctors practice to all patients over fifty years that we must take into account:

1 .- The prescription for the pill that is purchased, Cuban PPG(made from a kind of variety of cuban sugar cane polyphenol), in large quantities for years by Venezuelans and Italians because they are said to have the effects of Viagra without any side issue and diabetes control.

2 .- Prescription of pills of Omega3 times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

3 .- The Cuban prescription for the cuban pill three times a day Nutriforte.

4 .- The success of the Cuban primary doctors to make that most of the cuban elderly and youg people stop smoking.

5.-Fen Shui from China Medical Health System Clinical Metodology, weekly Therapies, to all the elders at the neighborhood level, schools and workplaces, moreover,they prescribed to the senior patient been entered as regular member into gyms.

6.- Cuban primary phisicians control the diet of the senior patient with acuracy and mandatory influence and consult the same patient very frecuently, even visiting the family home and checking the condition of habitat.

Of course it would be preferable that a medical commission, Americans and Cuban Americans, look for cientific probes in the field about the accuracy of the demography tables of United Nation about cuban Health System and seniors dementia and quality of life in the island and my appreciation ,in the last trip to Cuba, after almost fifteen years living in Florida, visiting Georgia and Washington and socializing with so many american seniors of all age, education, position and states, almost every day.

3.-If you go to a psychiatrist in Cuba that the consultation may last an hour, without evaluation, while U.S. same consultation lasts ten or fifteen minutes. A patient of a Cuban specialist is likely that in many cases, obtain a previous diagnosis and treatment in half an our of the same problem that took several years and doctors in the U.S.A dentist surgery take for a cuban specialist only 35 minutes but in America it could be severals visit and test. This issue throws thousands travel to Cuba by Cubans living in America not only going to see family but their main purpose is to receive treatment in Cuban hospitals and supplies of medicines made in Cuba, proven and obtained for pennies on the dollar compared to costly and sometimes ineffective medicines available in North America. The root of the problem seem to be in the legal regulation of insurance companies and claims systems to divert the American doctor of medical practice very different from the situation of the Cuban doctor, though poorly paid and lack of hospital resources,(Cuban hospitals have only chlorine and tap water for cleaning and employees of this activity earn very low wages.)but, with more time to study medicine data and examine his patient .

The primary physician is harassed by U.S. insurance companies and pharmacy, a legal system with lawsuits with the "Shaylock"'s psychology of the character of Shakespeare's "Pound of flesh", administrative problems created by their own insurance to avoid the payment of medical services to the point they have to devote much of their time in these activities without mentioning that in many cases the hospitals will divert patients to other physicians and did not report that their patient has been treated in an emergency room .
These and other strains of the medical profession in the United States thwarted the clinical practice of diagnosis to the patient and led some american phisicians to engage in something else, may be taxi driver, and leave medical practice.
The government does not grant, yet, special incentives to the best students in reading, writing and science from middle school to study, specifically, in the medicine schools, even, with lack of human resource, cubans phisicians who arrive to United States don't have any support from the goverement to revalidated the title, many of them start as clean person in some clinics or homes, years later, may be they became nurse but only a few of them... When I emigrate from Cuba to Miami in 1996 I found a Cuban professor of medical schools, renowned specialist on the island, solding newspapers, to survive, on the street eight of Little Havana, the Cuban getto.

4.-Cuba has a plan for mental health and prevention in risk groups at the neighborhood level, school and workplace so their rate of violent crimes, PHILIAS and sex offenders is one of the lowest in the world. United States lacks a Mental Health Plan Universal at county level and even the health insurances don't cover mental illness and philias(REF.:KAPLAN:JHON MONEY) and currently has one of the highest rates of prison population by untreated mental illness and an index of domestic terrorism high due to this problem that never appears as a central theme of discussion in Congress and the Senate tied to national security issues.

We can not continue with a system that moves the U.S. medical criterion when dealing with an insurance company or pharmaceutical interest prevails in its profit, a system that exposes a doctor to patient as you can think sue for the interest obtain money or win the lotto easy without playing the lottery because it has consequences for the national educational system, the productivity of labor and national security of Americans, also have serious consequences on the perception of the scale of values American society and its spiritual consolidation as a nation ...

5.From the conception of the medical clinic on the patient not only sets the parameters of the scientific level of any university, but the development of scientific and humanistic ideals of any human society, the current U.S. health system sees the doctor as a piece of machinery to make money and not as the philosopher's stone of the spirit of the nation which grew precisely from its U.S. clinical pediatricians if we analyze the historical development of the United States since the early twentieth century and I know this from our experience working in higher education in Cuba, all the politics of education, health and social care in island is based primarily on academic policy of the medical schools of England, U.S. and Russia that have many aspects in its ethical ideals and scientific budgets matching the clasicall pediatric american clinics.

6.-There are many more a strong impact of the American Society in Latin American and to the rest of the world mainly based on american phisicians and teachers than military power since United States born as imperial potency,the American Health System and educational had a strong impact on scientists, doctors, teachers and academics Cubans. actually, from the presence of Dr. Walter Reed in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba during the war Cuba-Spain-America, a close friend of my fathers family, to the point that attended the birth of my grandfather in Santiago de Cuba , Cuba in the early twentieth as the son of senior Army Liberator of Cuba in his honor was given the name Walter to every firstborn male of the family until the present day, from here comes my name in the fourth generation: the Hispanicized Gualterio, translation of Walter by Walter Reed ...

.1. -相比衛生系統在古巴,美國的制度缺乏臨床方法,作為預防制度社區和街道這一級,不保證質量的生活,是不可靠的,導致許多病人的費用,損失時間和在許多情況下暴露你死刑,desabilitacion或破產,即使有醫療保險,儘管廣大排雷國王邁達斯擁有各種資源的夢想從來沒有人在地球上。我認為,國會和美國參議院必須平衡在討論這個問題的計劃和利息總統奧巴馬的變化,因為該標準在白宮方面,是無可置疑的失敗和錯誤的現行制度衛生支出,並造成更多的社會問題說明,投資,需要修改它以可接受的水平,我們知道這需要時間,精力和智慧,因為我們正處在一個死胡同,從社會的角度來看,經濟和政治取決於衛生政策是否針對美國人固有的一部分,作為他們的教育水平在大學和科研中心,國家安全和預測美國外交政策。

1.-Par rapport au système de santé à Cuba, le système des États-Unis manquent approche clinique comme un système préventif de la communauté et les quartiers avoisinants, ne garantit pas la qualité de vie, elle n'est pas fiable, causant de nombreuses dépenses pour le patient, la perte le temps et dans de nombreux cas, vous expose à la mort, desabilitacion ou de faillite, même avec l'assurance maladie, malgré la vaste mine du roi Midas qu'elle possède des ressources de tous ordres, personne n'a jamais rêvé sur la planète terre.

Je crois que le Congrès et le Sénat américain doit mettre en balance ce problème lors de l'examen des plans et l'intérêt du changement du président Obama parce que le critère de la Maison Blanche est acceptable en termes d'incapacité et des erreurs du système actuel Dépenses de santé et de causer plus de problèmes sociaux à déclarer que les investissements nécessaires pour le modifier à des niveaux acceptables, nous savons que cela prend du temps, d'efforts et d'intelligence, car nous sommes dans une impasse du point de vue social, économique et politique en fonction si les politiques de santé afin de cibler les Américains comme une partie intrinsèque de leurs niveaux de l'enseignement dans les universités et centres de recherche scientifique, la sécurité nationale et la projection de la politique étrangère américaine
La plus grande preuve de la mauvaise qualité des soins de santé, de la vue des yeux est le grand nombre d'enfants et de personnes souffrant d'obésité, de diabète la plupart des futurs et / ou les patients cardiaques.
.more soon on print by Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.

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