Friday, October 2, 2009

"Radio Globo" assaulted by the police and hondurian coup d'etat military.

Employees of Radio Globo, which was closed by Honduras's interim government Monday, protest outside the radio station in Tegucigalpa, Wednesday. Business and political leaders who backed the coup overthrowing President Manuel Zelaya in June now are considering returning him to office with limited powers.
Rodrigo Abd/AP

無論是年輕的洪都拉斯,知識分子和藝術家不能接受軍事大猩猩,現在威脅那些誰不參加選舉,並逮捕持不同政見團體超過20人。 我們生活的高度壓制氣氛在洪都拉斯的時刻。
Ni le jovens hondurienne, des intellectuels et des artistes pas accepter gorilles militaire qui menace désormais ceux qui ne participent pas aux élections et d'arrêter les groupes dissidents de plus de vingt personnes. Nous vivons une ambiance très répressive au Honduras pour le moment.
Neither the young Hondurans, intellectuals and artists not accept military gorillas that now threaten those who do not participate in elections and arresting dissident groups from more than twenty people. We live a highly repressive atmosphere in Honduras at the moment.

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