Saturday, October 24, 2009

Obama is rigth now the enemy number 1 of health insurace companies seeking profit from sicks and deaths in America.

The American people should not see this problem reported here with indifference, the same people, lobbyst, who today meets with the super-rich of the health insurance companies in the Congress to declare in secret that Obama is the enemy, is the same people who kept quiet and smile during Bush's presidency when he did all he wanted to support them and the Pontius Pilates who washed his hands watching every kind of irregularities and corruption, jumping tax laws as do the toads in the ponds. Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 342133.

El pueblo norteamericano no debe ver este problema que aqui presentamos con indiferencia, la misma gente que hoy se reune con los superricos de las companias de seguro de salud para declarar en secreto que Obama es el "enemigo", es la misma gente que se callo la boca cuando Bush en la Presidencia hizo cuanto quiso con el apoyo de ellos y de los Poncio Pilatos que se lavaron las manos, saltando leyes y fiscales como hacen los sapos en las charcas.

On Thursday, Vice President Biden called out the insurance industry's escalating war on health reform in a special message to OFA, and asked for your help in fighting back.
Sure enough, the insurance industry is already stepping up the attack: Reports just leaked from a closed-door meeting where insurance industry lobbyists frantically warned Republican members of Congress that it was not in their interest to "ever vote for this thing" and said supporting reform is like "giving comfort to the enemy."

(Who is the "enemy": Obama?)

USA Today is reporting that groups opposing reform are lobbying at "a record pace" -- and the Associated Press notes that they've already spent an astounding $32 million on TV ads this year.
This is what we're up against. President Obama, Vice President Biden, and all of us together through OFA are fighting back -- but success depends on having the resources to win.

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