Saturday, October 17, 2009

North Korean diplomat to visit US and gave political credit to Obama and Hillary.

1975 년에 김일성의 이데올로기를 평화적으로 두 시스템 및 확산을 장미의 침대처럼 한국 문화를 세계에 걸쳐 아래의 모든 한국 국민 단결했다.
프로토콜은 북한 외교관 그리고 권위있는 미국 대학에서 한국 문화에 대한 강연을주고 학생과 교사들과 대화를 확립 나왔다.
대통령 Barck 오바 마와 힐러리 클린턴 전 국무 장관의 정치적 신용이 높은 개념이 존재하지 않고도 북한이 미국 외교 대표를 보내는 단계를 촬영했다. 남북한의 특허 가능성을 함께 문화 사업에 매우 북한의 청소년 교육을 입증하기 때문에 높은 수준이 높은 것입니다.
Kim Il Sung ideology in 1975 to peacefully unite all the Korean people under both systems and spread like a bed of roses Korean culture throughout the world.

The protocol of the visit suggests that North Korean diplomats will give a lecture at a prestigious American university and then participate in a symposium on the topic with students and teachers.
The patent potential of the two Koreas together culturally and in business would be very high because of the demonstrated high level of education of the youth of North Korea, that is very known in South Korea.

Without the existence of a high concept on the political credit of the President Barck Obama and Hillary Clinton Secretary of State ever North Korea, goverment and party, had taken the intelligent step of sending a diplomatic representative to America, this will open doors to american foreign policy everywhere in the world ..

.A big step for North Korea's diplomacy is about to occur in order to normalize relations with the United States. •
Will be open the door to the unit in the Nation of all Koreans?
We do not know, but for now the first Korean diplomat's visit to United States would lay the foundation for understanding not only necessary for the entire Korean peninsula and its neighbors, but to world peace and harmony of the global economy.
More, the north korean diplomat visit to United States is a proof from the goverment and Party from that country of respect to the American people and a demostration, for first time in the history of both nations, that they really have been gave political credit to the President Barack Obama and the Secretary Hillary Clinton as never happens before.
Specially, Hilary Clinton credit in foreign policy succes inside North Korea headmens to take decisition about this step.
Commercially united North Korea and South Korea would be a powerful factor in the global economy if we take into account the important and growing number of Korean patent of advanced technology that circulate in the world.Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.

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A senior North Korean diplomat will be allowed a rare visa to visit the US later this month, officials have said.

The diplomat, Ri Gun, is the deputy negotiator in stalled talks on North Korea's nuclear programme. There have been recent moves to restart the talks.

One report said Mr Ri would attend a forum in California, while another said he was going to a meeting in New York.

He is also expected to discuss the nuclear issue in an informal meeting with a senior US counterpart

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