Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The insurance plans are sinking the U.S. economy and slow Obama's plans on housing.Report.

Energy, foreign policy, health system and housing decide the geopolitical of the United States based on domestic economy, they are vinculate each to other.

In the real life outside of newspaper articles, you can process your mortgage to buy a house for first time in Guatemala first because it is the same thing if you do that in America, today, it does no matter what Obama decide about stimulus to first buyers in order to fix the housing market.

This happens rigth now, listen:
The insurance plans are sinking the U.S. economy and slow Obama's plans on housing.
A loan officer at Bank of America by refusing to give a home loan for 70,000 dollars house going to foreclosure a marriage of first-time buyers want based the stimulation of Obama for first time house buyers and the officer's Ban of America ask the wife:
- "How it comes it's possible that you had two medical insurance and have to paid so much money on medical debts.
She replied:
-"Well, you know, because in real life insurance do not pay, even we are working in big transnational of top level in the world,it does no matter for health insuraces that only pay a symbolic part and often not even pay the doctor, leave the bill in hold alleging to phisicians any red tape reason in order not pay anything or watering the money handling in the market for months and they paid to doctors when they get some profit for the same money, as the doctors and you will see the problem.
-Sorry Bank of America can not give you the loan to buy a house with that credit report, he said.
The couple in cuestion have no bad credit, neither low, only a little credit based on some medical bill report, about 10,000 thousand dollars... but the bank refused, any way.

Of course, the dramatic part of this problem is the Achilles heel of the Stock Exchange of New York is the credit and credit reports, magnified by the cohabitation of U.S. banks and insurers that ruin their clients in Equifax and other agencies and eventually going and going... devalue the dollar even more and increase the price of gold, forcing the United States, today or tomorrow to be oblied to payable in gold bar any energy imports.

While there are people who give themselves a relaxing and good life, whatever happens, and all regard with selfish indifference, so many others lose a house or life or an arm or leg in a theater of war without knowing "why".

The lines of U.S. foreign geopolitical may change unexpectedly.

These contradictions within the U.S. economy may affect the proliferation of low-intensity conflict around the world for control of energy markets and sooner or later will threaten world peace, moreover, are an overload for the U.S. military in the near future, if we don't control without time the housing and health problem in United States vinculate to credit report.
And that is the reality we live in America today, going and going to more foreclosure and growing up the task of homeless childrens it does no matter what Obama decide or think.

En el pais de Jauja todo se procesa en Guatemala.
Los seguros medicos estan hundiendo la economia norteamericana y frenan los planes de Obama en viviendas.Un oficial de prestamos de Bank of America al negar el prestamo para comprar una casa de 70 mi dolares rumbo a reposicion por el banco a un matrimonio de primeros compradores que quieren comprar una casa para obtener el estimulo de Obama al que compra por primera vez, le pregunto a la esposa:-Como es posible que ustedes dos paguen seguros medicos y tengan tanto dinero en deudas de medico.Ella contesto: -Bueno,porque los seguros en la vida real no pagan, solo pagan una parte simbolica y muchas veces no le pagan ni al medico, dejan la cuenta en el olvido y hacen negocio con ella y cuando logran ganancias del mismo dinero que deben, a veces, le pagan al medico.
Claro que la parte dramatica de este problema es que el talon de Aquiles de la Bolsa de Valores de Nueva York es el credito y los reportes de credito, agrandados por el concubinato de bancos norteamericanos y aseguradoras que arruinan a sus clientes en Equifax y otras agencias y que acabaran por desvalorizar aun mas el dolar e incrementar el precio del oro obligando a Estados Unidos, mas tarde o mas temprano, a pagar en ese metal cualquier importacion de energia.
Estas contradicciones dentro de la economia norteamericana pueden repercutir en la proliferacion de conflictos de baja intensidad por el control de la energia y a la larga o a la corta ponen en peligro la paz mundial, ademas, son una sobrecarga militar para Estados Unidos en un futuro cercano, sin necesidad, si se controlan a tiempo.
Y esa es la realidad que vivimos hoy en Estados Unidos con mas y mas casas reposeidas, hundiendose los precios de viviendas y con mas y mas ninos sin hogar viviendo en asilos, carros y quien sabe donde.

Source:Colorado State Univ.For Immediate ReleaseThursday, September 24, 2009Contact for Reporters:Emily Narvaes Wilmsen970.491.2336Emily.Wilmsen@ColoState.EDU Note to Reporters: Reporters may obtain a copy of the report by contacting Emily Wilmsen.

FORT COLLINS - All 11 major housing markets in northern Colorado have experienced declines in home values – as much as 13 percent in the tri-cities market area of Frederick, Firestone and Dacono, according to a semi-annual in-depth study on home prices released by the Colorado State University Everitt Real Estate Center on Thursday.John Gerhard, director of research at the Everitt Real Estate

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