Saturday, October 10, 2009

The police open new block watch committees in London, against crime and terrorism.

Because of the link between terrorism, trafficking in drugs, persons and organized crime, London police are applying strategies that come from the Second World War and since 1959 are applied in Cuba through the advice of Cubans who were students university in the city of London during World War II, as the famous Cuban food expert Villapol Nitza, now deceased, and other Cubans English university graduates in subsequent years.
Based block watch committees in London, against crime and terrorism.
The British police has given free access to the Internet to monitor the cameras that monitor public places and report crimes with a reward of 1,500 pounds a crime.

According to the announcement, some people could win a thousand pounds a month dedicated a daily time on your computer to see that happening in the streets of London.
Some criticize the measure that was applied years ago in Cuba, the famous Cuban Committee for Surveillance (CDR) blocks of neighborhoods, from the neighborhood surveillance committees that took England during World War II when it was besieged by the V-2 bombs and Nazi espionage as well as other measures such as ration card, the universal public health plan, plan libraries, education, laws of war in court and undercover surveillance of potential enemies under the guidance of the famous Cuban and Cuban expert Nitza Villapol+ in feeding, graduates in British universities during the period and in the fifties of last century ...

If you are interested they reward with 1,500 pounds instnatly if the police catch the crime, phone and web are open to you:

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Viewers are anonymously monitoring random video feeds streamed from privately owned establishments. At no time can Viewers designate or control the video feeds they receive and the locations of the feeds are not disclosed.
The instant a Viewer monitors an event, an alert can be sent directly to the owner of that live camera feed. The alert is sent along with a screen grab, identifying the image you have observed. Only the first alert received by the camera owner is accepted.
The camera owner will then feedback (rate) the result of the alert. Their feedback is converted into points and entered into a Viewers monthly league table. At the end of each month the highest scoring Viewer will receive the reward money; this could be split in the event of a tie.
Viewers register for free with no recurring fees. Each Viewer has 3 x alerts per month allocated to their account for free. Viewers are able to ‘top up’ their alerts through PayPal if they so desire. The free allocations of alerts are limited to prevent system abuse.
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