Saturday, October 31, 2009

Do you think that we have really a recovery of US economy crisis in Florida.????????

And the equation is simple, if we can not find, as soon as possible, a way for a fast track in the real life of a family to put in practice work plans to stimulate the economy in the sale of cars, houses, and consumer goods all the accumulated capital will continue to focus on a few hands, the money does not run, what would cause a freeze on domestic economy and a possible collapse of the Stock Exchange in New York that will impact the world for the second time.
Coming in November a tsunami of comercial foreclosure-shopping centers, condo complexes, office and warehouse with more exodus of population from Florida.(If you wan to see the interactive map, click here:"New wave of foreclosures looms"
By Michael Braga
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Dears readers of this blog, welcome to the paradise:
If you read the "Sarasota Herald Tribune" you found this curve about ascending unemployment rate going to the Spain one, actually 14% unemployment, one of the worst of Europe, but here, now, in the Midwest of Florida, pretty close.

At the same time we have a national sale descending scale... an so many people first home buyers seeking a house based on Obama stimulus but when they applied to a bank loan instantly start a raining of medical bill, the same thing that happen with a bear seeking honey in a tree of a wild forest, plus that issue of abusive fees, penalties and usurer interest that you can not pay from a credit card more haunted than a pumpkin in Halloween, much more if you have a Spanish last name, your interest could be a 23% and you have more penalties and fees...Of course, you are open to the bussines, anyway, but the bank denied the loan, the same banking system that paved the way for you to have a tree of bills accounts in the upcoming Christmas at home, (if you can still afford to pay the rent) in the next Christmas, thank to US mail courtesy surviving system after internet... In the meantime, paid in advance, the next door before to the "Salvation Army" shelter for the poor worker, could be a lifesaver... if you still have a job...

In the next generation, if you ask a child if he want to be President of United State when they became adult probabley he will answer:

-No, Sir, I want to be bank loan officer... that's a future told me my parents.

At the times of Dashiell Hammet black novels, a little town could be packet by a mafia, but no a big city, pretty less a country, but that was in the old fashion times, not today.

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