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What is the reason why we urgently need a triangle Sarasota-Cuba-Miami-Mexico scientific research on marine resources?

The aggression of businesses and corporations in commercial and productive activity must have an income tax to cover investigations of the sea and the climate and climate change lost by paying double or triple the poor economies of the Caribbean islands .
Central banks should take steps to avoid debt progressive high interest rates and abusive opportunistically to these small Caribbean nations that are attacked by the action of industry and commerce on the climate and the ocean in his eagerness to profit without paying a cent for environmental damage and contribute to their recovery.
? Who pays, for example, the plastic packaging waste in the ocean? So far, the corporations that trade with plastic do not pay a penny for this international problem.
A Cuban lunch at his house in Santiago de Cuba with local products.

The best example is here in Sarasota, Florida, where I live, the local government has been forced by lack of funds to reduce personnel guarding and preserving the beaches, but no company has a tax to help pay for the care of beaches, companies will increase their profits further contributing to climate change costs by obviating the use of green technology to expand business faster and when they recover or preserve ecosystem damaged areas in Sarasota will gain much more without taxes, of course in a poor little island in the Caribbean the goverment spend a lot worse, all they have to import it and pay it in gold.

O como decimos en buen cubano: "El muerto alante y la griteria detras..."

Or as we say in Cuban popular proverb: "the dead before and yelling and crying behind ..."

Bacoanao, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

Although there are (not completly full filled) international and interdisciplinary studies that propose lifestyles and socioeconomic models suited to the preservation of balance in the system of biological corridors of the triangle-Florida-Cuba Mexico and this lack of knowledge is affecting the climate and the economy throughout the planet. The problem of the Kyoto Protocol was badly managed by the U.S. against their own interests because of poor science education and in some cases nonexistent, in the politicians and American reporters academic level..
A carpenter in the backyard or our house in Sarasota, Florida,

The media are managed in many cases by illiterate communicator and journalists in science, technology and engineering under pressure from investors and advertisers, this leads to censorship of the danger threatening the natural paradise that artificially keep the rich countries with millions of dollars and resources in their own countries while the rest of nature around them suffers irreversible changes that eventually sink into a swamp of low quality of life in these societies at one step to dissapeared as happens with Katryna and could happens with pandemic diseases ...
The U.S. Geological Survey led a new assessment of the implications of a warming world on "ecological thresholds" in North America. The report, which was commissioned by the U.S. Climate Change Science Program and authored by a team of federal and academic climate scientists, ...

...An ecological threshold is the point at which there is an abrupt change in an ecosystem that produces large, persistent and potentially irreversible changes.
...acidification across much of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, reports strong natural variations in ocean chemistry in some parts of the Caribbean that could affect the way reefs respond to future ocean acidification.

This is not no secret, for many years is the highest concern of scientists Americans, Cubans, Mexicans, English and Norwegian at the increasing acidification of the Caribbean Sea and the irrational policy of preventing the communication and exchange of data based on international geopolitical reasons is taking us all on the planet at a steep economic climate and we do not know when it may occur as a step to Katryn in New Orleans.
Esto no es un secreto para nadie, desde hace muchos anos es la mas alta preocupacion de cientificos norteamericanos, cubanos, mejicanos, ingleses y noruegos ante la creciente acidificacion del Mar Caribe y la irracional politica de impedir la comunicacion y el intercambio de datos a nivel internacional por razones de geopolitica. que nos esta llevando a todos en el planeta a un despenadero climatico y economico que no conocemos cuando podra ocurrir como paso con el Katryna en Nueva Orleans.
In the triangle-Florida-Cuba Mexico, The Gulf Stream there are a process like a modulator mechanical effect of the climate from which is known directly affects the Norwegians rigth now. And rainfall in the city of London, always in danger of overflooding.(Ref: 1)
En el triangulo Mejico-Florida-Cuba la Corriente del Golfo sufre un proceso de efecto mecanico modulador del clima a partir del cual se conoce

que afecta directamente a los noruegos.

We believe the outlook for science and science education as bleak in USA, and, in my opinion, the Achilles Heel of the present society in this country where we live. We can not forget that in 1933 Germany began to lose his logic as a state when they attack their own people (Albert Einstein, for example) and scientists using ideology as the instrument to manipulate humans as items to be used as they wish to trade with the main objective to care safe Hitler ( whom suffered some kind of mental diseaseas assessed by psychiatrists of Russia) amd the elite in the power , theirs families of the inner circle and the families of his friends and relative in brotherhood with the burocrazy of the industry(At that time with the support of IBM, american insurer companies and big brother of oil american companies until 1941-42 plus in secret The Sweden goverment bankers to launch Germany against Russia) in order to prevailed over the rest of the population to accomplish this Nazi ideology that make by a "tour de force" inside the ethics constitution the legalizetion of the medieval practice of Chatolic Inquisition based on torturing the prisoners, secret prisons, disappearances, keep women entirely separate from the direction of the state infraestructure and structure and manipulate the masses of the people by diverting the hate against ilegal inmigrants, foreigners as spyes, Jews and homosexuales in Germany which to that date had millions of unique patents in the world( all stolen during the ocuppation by the Allied) and a Nobel prize World leadership but under this discipline in a few years lost its major scientific and was invaded to finally ended divided into four parts. We can not wonder now that American society is at a dead end, at least not till ten years to this date when the heavy industry can be able to change by 2020... when, maybe, this crisis is supposed to stay only for poor countries with a recovery to twenty years or maybe more, perhaps,for some of them, never, as it happens always with the poor Haiti or so many countries inAfrica.(Florida because it is a poor state of wealthy retirees, tourism and restaurants, took more than twenty years to recover from the crisis of the 30(little one compared to this one) that started with the problem of home sales in Sarasota, Florida,like today happen the same, where I live and write these lines, that crisis was much less problematic and large than this one we are living rigth now, today, and which Obama has no guilt or quickly solution because his not a magician, neither can be the NASA, in the circus of the economy an climatic disaster of the planet...)
(will continue...)

We need an International Team Work by area of Climatic Change linked to socioeconomic tables to know where we are and how we can go in a road that garantee the life based on the main sources: atmosphera, water, food and energy.
Necesitamos trabajar en equipos interdisciplinarios internacionales de area vinculados a los especialistas socioeconomicos que elaboran las tablas demograficas para saber en que lugar estamos y de que manera podemos andar por un camino que garantice la vida basada en las fuentes principales: atmosfera, agua, comida y energia.

Consideramos el panorama de las ciencias y la educacion de ciencias como desolador en Estados Unidos de America, y, a mi concepto, el Talon de Aquiles de la actual sociedad en este pais donde vivimos. No podemos olvidar que Alemania en 1933 comienza a perder la logica como Estado cuando arremete contra sus propios cientificos usando el instrumento ideologico con el objetivo de que una elite lidereada por Hitler, su familias y las familias de sus amigos prevaleciera sobre el resto de la poblacion, para lograr esto la ideologia nazi tenia como base etica legalizar constitucionalmente la tortura de los prisioneros,carceles secretas, desapariciones, mantener a la mujer totalmente separada de la direccion del estado y manipular las masas de la poblacion desviando el odio racial hacia extranjeros, judios y homosexuales.Alemania que a la fecha contaba con millones de patentes unicas en el mundo y un liderazgo en premios Nobel en pocos anos perdio sus principales cientificos y finalmente termino invadida y divida en cuatro partes. No podemos asombrarnos hoy de que la sociedad norteamericana se encuentre en un callejon sin salida, no al menos hasta que pasen diez anos y la industria pesada cambie su naturaleza, alla por el 2020, cuando quiza esta crisis, se supone, que quedara en la historia como la del 30 solo para paises pobres con una recuperacion a veinte anos o quizas nunca.
.(Florida debido a que es un estado pobre de ricos retirados,turismo y restaurantes, tardo mas de veinte anos en recuperarse de la crisis del 30 que comenzo por el problema de la venta de casas en Sarasota, Florida, donde vivo y escribo estas lineas, aquella crisis fue mucho menor que la que vivimos hoy y de la cual Obama no tiene ninguna culpa.)Will continue....(1)Waste radiaoactivos and military ammunition in the seabed of the Caribbean by naval and submarine activities without any university can monitor its impact on the ecosystem by the same political reasons that disengaged from each other.
(1)The financial turmoil is creating uncertainty in corporations aligned within the military-industrial complex and self-destructive behavior of nature and the habitat that should be monitored by international interdisciplinary teams of scientific researchers to alert us in time what might happen.
El caos financiero genera incertidumbre en las corporaciones alineadas dentro del complejo militar-industrial y conductas auto-destructivas de la naturaleza y el habitat que deben ser monitoreadas por equipos internationales e interdisciplinarios de investigadores cientificos para alertarnos a tiempo lo que pudiera acontecer.

The need for interdisciplinary team is given in the triangle area Sarasota-Cuba-Miami-Mexico due not only to the impact of climate change on the economy, but the depth of the crisis under the threat of explosive six hundred trillion dollars in paper money which are not known, nor was it really worth as in the present circumstances. There are two possible outcomes: if picked up this money can produce another prolonged recession or economic crisis, a second wave of financial panic, if the money flows will be a great global inflation and under any of these circumstances corporations begin to transfer missed hitting each other not only consumers but the economy further accelerating climate change, is required for control and monitoring scientific, technical and administrative officer of this acute problem.
La necesidad de este equipo interdisciplinario esta dada en el area triangulo Cuba-Sarasota-Miami-Mexico debido, no solo a la incidencia del cambio climatico en la economia, sino a la profundida de la actual crisis bajo la explosiva amenaza de seiscientos trillones de dolares en papel moneda que no se saben donde estan, ni se sabe realmente cuanto valen en las presentes circunstancias.Hay dos posibles resultados: si se recoge este dinero se puede producir otra prolongada recesion o crisis economica, una segunda oleada de panico financiero, si este dinero fluye se producira una gran inflacion a nivel mundial y bajo cualesquiera de estas circunstancias las corporaciones comienzan a transferirse perdidas unos a otras golpeando no solamente a la economia del consumidor sino, peor y con mas impacto, acelerando aun mas el cambio climatico, se requiere pues un control y monitoreo cientifico, tecnico y administrativo interdisciplinario de este agudo problema.
Like Juanes's concert in Havana recently module a current artistic and spiritual over millions of teenagers around the world for peace and love among human beings, in the triangle of study is designed a modulator of climate of the planet and certainly known who has a clear influence on the climate of Norway: The Gulf Stream.
As we know the climate should decide the economy of the habitat in the human being and their ability to survive hunger and extreme conditions that today are strongly related to astrophysics, the study of magnetic field of the particles in the atmosphere, NASA, the Russian space agency and others that that we need as another parallel to the Juanes concert, a concert that will allow us to know how to survive in an uncertain and unknown future and unfortunately it has no impact in the news inside the common man because of poor education in sciences of our communicator and journalists almost iliterate in this field most of them. Unfortunately, most, or the Latin American television, nor the U.S. Hispanic disclose their interest in science linked to survival of a Nation, but are almost only, now, interested in a scandal or a yellow press release that the hearing and working with our unconscious on the subject area level because Latin American television stations tend to copy the mostly stupid Hispanic U.S.TV real black boxes plenty of cursilerias needs and useless.
La necesidad de este equipo interdisciplinario esta dada en el area triangulo Cuba-Sarasota-Miami-Mexico debido, no solo a la incidencia del cambio climatico en la economia, sino a la profundida de la actual crisis bajo la explosiva amenaza de seiscientos trillones de dolares en papel moneda que no se saben donde estan, ni se sabe realmente cuanto valen en las presentes circunstancias.Hay dos posibles resultados: si se recoge este dinero se puede producir otra prolongada recesion o crisis economica, una segunda oleada de panico financiero, si este dinero fluye se producira una gran inflacion a nivel mundial y bajo cualquiera de estas circunstancias las corporaciones comienzan a transferirse perdidas unos a otras golpeando no solamente la economia del consumidor sino acelerando aun mas el cambio climatico, se requiere pues un control y monitoreo cientifico, tecnico y administrativo de este agudo problema.Al igual que el concierto de Juanes modulo recientemente en La Habana una corriente artistica y espiritual sobre millones de jovenes en el mundo entero en pro de la paz y el amor entre los seres humanos, en el triangulo de estudio se disena un modulador del clima en la tierra del cual se conoce con exactitud que tiene una clara influencia en el clima de Noruega: La Corriente del Golfo y como sabemos el clima decide la economia del habitat en el hombre y su capacidad de sobrevivir al hambre y las condiciones extremas que hoy estan fuertemente vinculadas a la astrofisica, el estudio del campo magnetico de las particulas en la atmosfera, la Nasa, la agencia espacial rusa y otras.e necesita pues otro concierto paralelo al de Juanes, un concierto que nos permita saber como sobrevivir ante un futuro incierto y desconocido y que por desgracia no tiene el impacto noticioso en el hombre comun debido a la pobre educacion en materia de ciencias de nuestros informadores y periodistas.Para la mayor desgracia, ni a la television latinoamericana, ni a la hispana en Estados Unidos les interesa divulgar ciencias de la cual depedende la supervivencia, mas les interesa un escandalo o una noticia morbosa que levante la audiencia y esto colabora con nuestra inconciencia sobre el tema a nivel de area America ya que las televisoras latinoamericanas tienden a copiar las hispanas de Estados Unidos, verdaderas cajas negras de necesidades y cursilerias inutiles.
The governments of Latin America and the Caribbean instead of dealing with the media to be critical in party politics, ought seriously to address the content of television programming and radio and its usefulness to production, education and information science, the engineering analysis of social problems and instead of dismissal and jail journalists should pay university studies in science to harness the talent, no people surviving mass ideology and politics of any type of party, are not sources of food or energy but real fireworks amid climate change and threatened, and almost touching the door knocks, another economic crisis of longer duration and magnitude. by Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.

Los gobiernos de America Latina y del Caribe en vez de ocuparse de los medios informativos por ser criticos en politica de partido, deberian seriamente de ocuparse del contenido de la programacion de la television y la radio y su utilidad a la produccion, a la educacion e informacion de ciencias, al analisis ingeniero de los problemas sociales y en vez de despedir y encarcelar periodistas deberian pagarle estudios universitarios en ciencias para aprovechar el talento, ningun pueblo sobrevive de ideologia y politica de masas de ningun tipo de partido,no son fuentes de comida, ni de energia sino verdaderos fuegos artificiales en medio de un cambio climatica y bajo la amenaza, ya casi, tocandonos la puerta a aldabonazos,de otra crisis economica de mayor duracion y envergadura by Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.

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