Monday, September 14, 2009

Obama is absolutely right and the Cuban health system is the demonstration of his thesis.

The Cuban doctors have as much or more credit sometimes that average American physician. Cubans phisicians have a high preparation, however, but when they decide to live in America do not have a government plan to regain the title, and in some cases, very lucky, supported by friends and relatives and years of work and strong effort, come to be nurses.

Obama is absolutely right and the Cuban health system is the demonstration of his thesis. When you visit Cuba, as recently I did for ten days,you will see how it work, a model of free universal health care system.
In twenty minutes at a Cuban hospital I have one medical diagnosis about my neuropathy in the feet. In the U.S. this diagnosis was under an expensive insurance, took two years, several doctors, pills that did not work, lots of analysis and testing with sophisticated devices and the treatment was not as wide and acurate to have relief as that prescribed for me by a cuban doctoress of 35 years old in one consult at the emergency room- but she told me I must have hospital test to get more prescriptions about -, so,later, I spend only five minutes with some ear condition, in the same hospital, with another doctor that gave me an effective treatment. In hospital emergency room U.S. took over an hour with the same condition in the ear and it was very expensive.

Your Health( and family) can go to bankrrupcy lowering your quality of life very easy in the same hands of the wolfs of privated corporation that have been put the country economy in a dead end of cracking banks, short sales and housing problems and in a very difficult times for the future of the economy of the country only seeking profit it does not matter what Katryna could happen later.

Of course, this is no coincidence, for years. thousands of Cubans from Miami traveled to Cuba with the aim of to have cure with a Cuban doctor and hospitals where there are an incredible lack of resources due to the US embargo ( Moreover, some economists talk of "crisis of crisis"-in Cuba- because last year the country suffered the passage of 3 hurricane that swept the island, causing losses of over U.S. $ 10,000 million, mainly in housing and agriculture.. .Ref: BBC Mundo: linck but it does no matter, the health system work very easy, anyway.

If, moreover, we take consideracion that the quality of life for Cubans senior is much higher than average elderly Americans will realize that the privately owned health system does not work at the state level as it is succefull for retail corporated bussines or another kind of bussines.

For me, President Barack Obama is absolutely right in his eagerness to RELATES social measures at the American health system because is a technical problem of the state in the same way every state must have the control of the quality of food, drugs, hearth, atmospheric and water resources esential for life,any owner can garantee those ones, and if you want to check, visit Cuba where there is even a mental health plan at the community level, something rare in U.S. the country that spends more money and resources in public health.

Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.

Obama tiene toda la razon y el sistema de salud cubano es la demostracion de su tesis.Cuando visite Cuba, recientemente, en veinte minutos en un hospital cubano una medico diagnostico la neuropatia que padezo en los pies.En Estados Unidos este diagnostico, bajo un caro seguro medico, requirio dos anos, varios medicos, pastillas que no funcionaron, montones de analisis y pruebas con aparatos sofisticados y el tratamiento no fue tan amplio como el que me recetaron en Cuba, asi me paso con el oido, en el hospital cubano me diagnostico el medico en cinco minutos y me dio un tratamiento efectivo, en la sala de emergencia del hospital norteamericano tardaron mas de una hora con la misma condicion.Claro, esto no es casualidad, hace anos. miles de cubanos de Miami viajan a Cuba con el objetivo de verse con un medico cubano y en los hospitales de Cuba donde hay una increible falta de recursos debido al embargo.Si, ademas, tomamos en consideracion que la calidad de vida de los ancianos cubanos es muy superior al promedio de los ancianos norteamericanos nos daremos cuenta de que en manos privadas el sistema de salud no funciona.Para mi, el Presidente Barack Obama tiene toda la razon en su afan de aplicare medidas sociales al sistema de salud norteamericano, y si quiere comprobarlo, visite Cuba donde existe incluso un plan de salud mental a nivel de comunidad, algo imprensable en Estados Unidos, el pais que mas dinero y recursos gasta en salud publica

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