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The last editorial in the Spanish newspaper "El Pais" on the crisis in Honduras trying to cover the sun with a finger.

None of the representatives of diplomatic missions of Honduras appointed by government "de facto" gorilla Micheleti oligarchs and their repressive and human rights violators have credit to the Vienna Convention, it is clear, under the constitution of Honduras and international law public that President Zelaya legal representative, democratically elected by the people, and who is now a refugee in Brazil's embassy in Tegucigalpa.
Those who attempt to legitimate a government by the de facto representative of the wealthy minority that exploits and demeans people of Honduras using an army of illiterates repressive military and as a step back to the people in Cuba before 1959 have created conditions for social revolution and intense class struggle in that country would make it more radical and tempestuous social leadership positions in Latin America and its relationship with the U.S. and the EU ... The international community must work for the reposition of the democratic President Zelaya, the only option for a pacifical political process to avoid class strugle in Honduras, every country of United Nation to not certify, not legalizing and not providing any funds to that minority who fight for their perks and privileges to subject the majority of the Honduran population to the state of emigrates,servitude and slavery. The international community should know that a disproportionate number of the population of Honduras has been forced by this situation of being subjected to the tyranny of wealthy landowners to take refuge in the United States from which country to send remittances to their families so they do not die of hunger and this is apparent if we go to the United Nations demographic tables. If the international community allows representatives of gorillas coup operator of the extreme right, as Mr Micheleti perpetuate the status quo that the Hondurans sent to jail, death or forced emigration and otherwise , making them serfs in their own country, we will be more than leaders of nations as "dead souls", these characters on the novel by famous Russian writer Gogol that only existed to support the lowest interests that make profit based on human suffering.

Those who take positions in Honduras today of class dictatorship as they think themselves in power position should not forget that the City of Havana was taken in January 1959 by an army of illiterate peasants, hungry and armed with hunting shotguns and weapons made by craftsmen mostly who was installed in power until the sun of our days.
The problem of President Zelaya of Honduras is not from the influence of Chavez or Lula as it said some of the international media to justify the kidnapping and coup d'etat of a democratically elected president, the problem is that the psychology of the Latin American bourgeoisie and its associated opportunistic still think like in the fifties of last century thought in Cuba was before 1959, and has not yet woken up to a new world in Latin America.
El problema del Presidente Zelaya de Honduras no es a partir de la influencia de Chavez o de Lula como ha dicho cierta prensa para justificar el secuestro y golpe de estado de un Presidente democraticamente electo, el problema es que la sicologia de la burguesia latinoamericana y sus asociados oportunistas todavia piensan como en los anos cincuenta del siglo pasado se pensaba en Cuba, antes de 1959, y aun no se ha despertado ante un mundo nuevo en America Latina.
The marches in the streets of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, are constitutional voters that elected a Democratic president in no case can they be described as "sympathetic" as does the Spanish newspaper "El Pais" and other media of rich countries.
The semantic game in these media is a way to censor the truth and confuse the reader.
Los que protestan en las calles de Tegucigalpa, Honduras, son electores constitucionales de un Presidente democraticamente electo, en ningun caso se les puede calificar de "simpatizantes" como hace el diario espanol "El Pais" y otros medios de prensa de paises ricos.El juego semantico en estos medios de prensa es una forma de censurar la verdad al lector y confundirlo.
"El Pais" Madrid Spain, Lula criticized for giving asylum to Zelaya in Brazil's embassy in Tegucigalpa accusing him of hegemony in Latin America and the way mass defines Honduras as "sympathizers" of Zelaya, a tactic to discredit by semantics games the irreversible social processes in Honduran society and is now evident to the world.
"El Pais", diario de Madrid Espana, critica a Lula por darle asilo a Zelaya en la embajada de Brazil en Tegucigalpa, acusandsolo de hegemonismo en America Latina, una tactica para desacreditar mediante el juego con la semantica los irreversibles procesos sociales de Honduras que ahora son evidentes para el mundo entero.
Behind the publisher of "El Pais" seem to lie the interests of companies plunder Latin America workers by paying poverty wages, no benefits, no health insurance as usually happens in Honduras where a worker does not earns almost to buy food for a month of the family barquet and can not supports.much less to buy a pair of shoes and their only option to improve life is to emigrate to America or Spain, where in fact there is, rigth now under the tolerance of United States, a disproportionate share of the population of that country as that never happen in Lulas's Brazil..
Detras del editorial de "El Pais" parecen esconderse los intereses de las empresas espanolas y sus asociados de la comunidad europea que saquean a America Latina pagandole a los trabajadores sueldos de miseria, sin beneficios, ni seguros de salud como usualmente pasa en Honduras donde un trabajador no gana para comprar la comida del mes de la familia que sustenta, mucho menos un par de zapatos, y su unica opcion de mejorar de vida es emigrar a Estados Unidos o Espana, donde de hecho se encuentra una parte desmesurada de la poblacion bajo la tolerancia de Estados Unidos a este "status quo" de ese pais lo cual no ocurre en el Brazil de Lula..
Zelaya is the constitutional President of Honduras, freely chosen by the people of Honduras and El Pais "has no authority, nor merit" to qualify the Honduran as "fans of Zelaya" or "political party supporters" as "protesting" against a really vulgar coup d'etat attempting- unacceptable from any ethical and moral point of view- unable to judge a President ad posteiori his abduction, Extradition and, that's like trying to justify the infamy of a group opportunities and privileges for the sake of more profits and more privileges,
Zelaya es el Presidente constitucional de Honduras, libremente elegido por el pueblo hondurenos y "El Pais" no tiene autoridad, ni merito, para calificar de simples "simpatizantes" a los hondurenos que protestan, como si eso se tratar de un partido de futbol,contra vulgares golpistas que intentan sin capacidad, ni constitucional, ni juridica para ello, de juzgar a un Presidente a posteiori de su secuestro, extradiccion y golpe de estado mediante cohecho, no ha lugar, eso es como querer justificar la infamia de un grupo oportunista y privilegiado en aras de mas ganancias y mas privilegios,
"El Pais" he is doing a disservice to the bourgeoisie and landowners Honduras operators whose interests and privileges intended to save because whom wrote the editorial is an illiterate in Latin American history because he have forgotten that a coup d'etat in Cuba sponsored by a stupid and irresponsible bourgeoisie with its own people that maintained, before 1959 in Cuba, much of the population as domestic servants, underpaid, no benefits or health insurance and illiterate neither a legal protection "de facto" about citizen rigths as seen now in the conduct of the Honduran army and police to its own people and as time goes happen for the cuban cuban richest on beaches, hotels and casinos to which only they have had real access based on power of money and position, if not, with little trip to Florida and Europe, from that behavior as we are seeing now in Honduras, born La Revolucion Socialista de Cuba and an intense process of class struggle that ultimately divided the cuban nation and took the
brunt of the bourgeoisie precisely that today has to take refuge in foreign countries lossing all his properties and priviledges in the island fifty years ago for ever.
"El Pais" le esta haciendo un flaco favor a los burgueses y terratenientes explotadores de Honduras cuyos intereses y prebendas pretende salvar debido a que quien escribio el editorial es un analfabeto en historia de America Latina ya que han olvidado que se embarcaron ya que a raiz de un golpe de estado en Cuba- de la misma naturaleza del hondureno, casi calcado,- auspiciado por una burguesia cubana inculta, estupida e irresponsable con su propio pueblo que mantenia a gran parte de la poblacion como empleados domesticos, mal pagados, sin beneficios ni seguro de salud y analfabetos mientras pasaba el tiempo en playas, hoteles, cabarets y casinos a los cuales solo ellos tenian real acceso, cuando no, con viajecitos de fin de semana a La Florida y Europa nacio La Revolucion Socialista de Cuba y un intenso proceso de lucha de clases que finalmente dividio a la nacion cubana, y la peor parte la llevo precisamente esa burguesia, cuyos intereses pretende defender "El Pais", y que hoy, con mucho menos nivel de escolaridad, salud y cultura que los que habitan la isla, tiene que refugiarse en paises extranjeros con perdida de sus propiedad y privilegios para siempre...
El Sol no se puede tapar con un dedo.
If we agree in the conclusion of the Spanish newspaper on the need for a national dialogue to avoid the maximum class struggle in Honduras, but we must clarify the terms of this dialogue "sine qua non". The first is to replace the president in his office and declare a general anmesty including all Hondurans. The second is that Honduran union representatives participate in the dialogue and debate in the National Assembly on the vital social programs that require Honduran society at large under the supervision of the Organization of American States and United Nations international observers on the ground. The rest is easy, become intelligent before losing everything and being swept into the dustbin of history as the "petit blancs" of Haiti on the novel by Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier "The Age of Enlightenment.
Si estamos de acuerdo en la conclusion del periodico espanol sobre la necesidad de un dialogo nacional para evitar al maximo la lucha de clases en Honduras, pero debemos aclarar los terminos de este dialogo "sine qua non".
Lo primero es reponer al Presidente en su cargo y decretar una anmistia general que incluya a todos los hondurenos.Lo segundo es que representantes de los sindicatos hondurenos participen del dialogo y debate en la Asamblea Nacional sobre los imprescindibles programas sociales que requiere la sociedad hondurena en general bajo la supervision de la Organizacion de Estados Americanos y las Naciones Unidas con observadores internacionales en el terreno.Lo demas es facil, volverse inteligentes antes que perderlo todo y ser arrastrados al basurero de la historia como los "petites blancs" de Haiti en la novela del cubano Alejo Carpentier "El Siglo de Las Luces.
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