Wednesday, September 16, 2009

JAMAICA:The crisis behind the crisis By Kenneth Hynes

We know there are two extremes that do not work: the neoliberal state runaway horses attached to the runaway horses of the neoliberal industry and commerce and the state controller that is responsible for everything that flies, walks or anything that run and that our experience, those serves as a catch cockroaches , freezing the domestic economy, at the end.
This is a technical problem that affects much more all the states in poor economies, no exception, of the Caribbean:How and what would be the policy in the relation of the state, the economy and how they combine the strategies of public and private sector, regardless of political orientation of the ruling party.?Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.
Wednesday, September 16, 2009,"JAMAICAN OBSERVER"
The release of the World Bank's 2010 Doing Business Survey saw Jamaica fall even further in the rankings, leaving it trailing behind such economic heavyweights as Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Samoa.Kenneth Hynes is a Managing Director at ontheFRONTIER. He can be reached at
The real crisis facing Jamaica stems from the low levels of trust between the public and private sectors, arising from the Government being asked to perform a role that deep down everyone knows it can't fulfil. Surveys conducted by OTF Group in 2003 found that 84 per cent of respondents agreed that trust between the public and private sectors in Jamaica was amongst the worst in the world.
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El comunicado del Banco Mundial Doing Business 2010 de la Encuesta de Jamaica vio caer aún más en la clasificación, dejando que por detrás de pesos pesados económicos como Kazajstán, Mongolia y Samoa.

La verdadera crisis que enfrenta Jamaica deriva de los bajos niveles de confianza entre los sectores público y privado, derivadas de que el Gobierno ha pedido a desempeñar un papel en el fondo que todo el mundo sabe que no puede cumplir. Las encuestas realizadas por el Grupo OTF en 2003 reveló que el 84 por ciento de los encuestados coincidieron en que la confianza entre los sectores público y privado en Jamaica fue uno de los peores del mundo.

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