Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Young Cubans families of the island visit Varadero on vacation.

The young families inside Cuba tend to go on holiday to Varadero and Havana, especially if they have relatives living in both places or the worker union gave them a subsidized budged for beach vacation. For seniors and low income, social case, vacation of this kind are often not ever, especially if you are retired.
There is not a hierarchy scheduled open to everyone on holiday to Varadero in the unions of workers, and in practice, vacation plans to sites of importance or foreign travel subsidized by the unions mainly benefit bureaucrats and their friends, an elite. The remaining workers receive holiday plans of unions in the popular camping. There is misinformation to the members in the unions and power elites about these subsidized vacation plans.
Retired seniors and low income must stay at home without vacation hitting by the slow economy and double currency.
還有另外一個小批人,老年人誰沒有退休,依靠prquenos negogios和家人的支持。
Even in Cuba there there are a sector of many women of retirement age who do not receive any payment by the government because they never worked to devote to the care of the house, children and parents as part of the macho culture inherited from the era of slavery and the plantation regime. This is a much more depends sector, woman beaten and survive because of family support. There is another smaller group of elderly men who have not any retired and depend on small businesses and family support. The Cuban state has not yet solved this old problem, there is no any census of the goverment about this problem, in the elderly, many retirees have not subsidized canteens, or actual real attendance, yet, to their social problems.

Citizen Safety is the highest in Americas area on the island of Cuba.
Violence in Cuba or diseases are rare to the point that children can walk alone to school, drink and eat almost anything whereever they go in the island.
This girl plays freely on the beach of Varadero.
目前,糧食和水果太多,在古巴各地去,但價格很高。 Currently, food and fruits are too many in Cuba wherever you go, although prices are high. Go on vacation is easy for many families but not so easy to go to Varadero, the most expensive trip.

Young Cuban families of middle and high income(squilled worker and university graduated) are more frequently visiting Varadero, a small Cuban Leichteinstein with hints of a developed country.
Most adventure only to look at branded stores, but have fun anyway.
The goverment have not subsidized yet vacation for retired seniors and low income families hitting by double currency and slowing domestic economic based on higth food and item price.

The photos were taken by the same family who has another family with a house near the beach with a small Nikkon Colpix and reveal the true face of Cuban socialist society, especially today's youth, who no Cuban socialism has undermined the global fashion aspirations and welfare of the developed countries own.

The psychology of young people and their education in Cuba is also preparing to insert them into the most advanced science and technologist in the world economy.
They took constantly about China, Viet Nam developing economy and the political position of a communist society in the global market, today, as a sample for Cuba and latinoamerican countries in his relation with United States and European Union.


Education plans in Cuba are the most successful of all American area, including the American Education System, but this is not reflected even in the Cuban press that lacks depth in the scientific and technological approaches of Cuban society and its domestic economy by low participation of women in leadership positions, excessive state control over journalists and press censorship based on red tape and tensions with the U.S. and a part of Cuban Americans.

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