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Cuba: wrong infraestructure and food production loss.

We reproduced here a newspaper article Cuban "Granma" about serious problems in the distribution of food in the domestic market that have not yet been solved on the island where the price of these essential items is high (due the need of food importation and bad managing in the domestic market) for low income people and retired seniors.
The problem is that to rest only in the centralized state management in the distribution and sale of goods does not meet the market demand as these problems are common in Cuba for nearly half a century and never have had only solution in state hands.
Now this mistakes are so critical in the state balance due to climatic change, price food and global economy crisis at least for a decade in poor countries.

Do not let us surprise the maja
Groove to the table, it is urgent to overcome a stumbling block: how to distribute timely and crops that require much effort. A farmer habanero, with proverbial wisdom, summarized in a sentence of criollo lineage marrow of the matter:
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Farmers, when laws, have no shame. Many country people who work in Havana fertile pain felt an electric shock when in the last days of July and August largely faced a situation that could not conceive: the deterioration of considerable volumes of tubers and vegetables in warehouses and yards trading units, enterprises, due to delays in their extraction by those who should steer the goods to urban centers, mainly the capital.

It hurt that much more knowing that blatantly contradicted the political will of the socialist state. "Here we commented Raul's speeches in the act of 26 in Holguin and then in the National Assembly, we were certified as true and give everything to accomplish what we were asking, and meanwhile we saw that there was no response to move the collection to his destination, "says Alcides Roman, stevedore and secretary of the union section of the collective unit Alquízar marketer.
A veteran producer of Guira de Melena, Johnny Alfonso Martinez, tells him: "It is the face-see that you left back in the groove, from sunrise to sunset, five or six months for nothing. If I was selfish and thought only in me, I'd say overall, I will pay the same for my production. But you did not: one must Fidel, Raul, the people, and you want that food reaches the people. And I think we believe many ".

This has been corroborated the team of editors and photojournalists Granma who traveled last weekend and golf companies Quivicán Batabano, Guira de Melena and Alquízar.
LOGICAL DESIGN, encountered in practice
Everything had its origin in the recent reformulation of the mechanisms that down the line that links production with distribution of agricultural items in the Havana area.

It began with a neat design for its logic. Workers and peasants from their productive organizations require them to grow and harvest on the basis of maximizing the land, raise yields, reduce losses, in short, provide quantity and quality with efficiency.
Companies should focus on hiring and production services to producers. Require volumes, diversity and quality, and pay for it according to the results. And you will be responsible for relationships with distributors, ie the wholesale for distribution, a task entrusted to the Ministry of Domestic Trade (MINCIN).

This assumes the commercial functions previously exercised Collection entities. Its mission is to bring the harvest from receiving points in the municipalities to the markets and squares.
However, we note the points visited concurring opinions about the reality did not comply initially with the expectation of a design that anticipated the setting up of an oiled mechanism.
On several occasions the flow of transport was intermittent and there were instances of loaded trucks remained a week or more waiting to show them where to take the product.

The uncertainty in the fate of an effect on shipments to distribution delays and caused significant losses in both Business Units Base Agricultural Products Marketing attached to Crop Several companies, such as destination points, so it was with battered and blackened banana. By losing quality, its price is much lower than what the company paid to the producer and is almost negligible due to its deterioration, is sold to pig, which adversely affects the entity.
It seems that MINCIN organization was not sufficiently prepared to meet the mandates. Workers, peasants and leaders of the visited companies agreed to note how the reordering of functions responded to an unavoidable necessity for the sake of system efficiency, but also questioned the lack of foresight and improvisations to implement it. Even some of the respondents do not yet have clearly defined the virtues and possibilities of the new system.

An additional, and not petty, they are concerned: the return of boxes and bags. They simply do not return. So far no answer for it. Jorge Luis Verde, business unit marketing Quivicán base has its criteria: the drivers no longer belong to the company, and come one today and another tomorrow, not in them or encourages them concern the return and retention of the containers, this creates serious financial complications given the cost of them.
"This is not to blame anyone, point out Tomas Rafael Rodriguez Varona and Arturo Tellez, production managers of companies in Guira de Melena and Batabano, respectively, but to correct the draft. In the last month we had 200 tons daily average , and more, ready to embark on our receipt and delivery points. In all honesty, the extraction has been improved along the way. What can not is a deterrent to the productive forces. "

On the encouraging results in the production, Thomas said: we have farmers with yields of 51 tonnes per hectare of sweet potato, 34 potato, 42 of carrots, rates may rise. And we're taking us very much to heart the need to replace imports of grains and rice.
Business Experiences
Something similar happened in the agricultural enterprise Quivicán. Govin Heredia Gonzalez, technical and development director, believes that the challenge now is to prepare and create conditions for the cold season, when they meet various crops, and avoid a repeat of what happened in August-the best in recent years regarding to volume-month in that 10% of the stockpiled did not reach the population.
The business organization of Alquízar live two realities at once. It is an entity managed by the Youth Labor Army. A small fleet of trucks delivers products directly to 12 markets (10 of them in the capital) that the people identified as those of EJT, where the retail price is lower than those in other state markets. This operation is performed daily. The merchandise arrives fresh to the consumer.
But that is the fate of only a portion of its production. The reporters witnessed a scene eloquently.
A truck hired by the MINCIN into the courtyard of the trading unit, overflowing with bunches of bananas. It was Saturday afternoon and as the stevedores were not for Internal Trade, the driver decided to return empty to the capital.
The political response of the unit employees was immediate: "We're going to charge you. Onelio Lazaro Cruz, head of the unit, did not talk much with his people to put to work.
"I carry 38 years in agriculture and received, with reason, sticks of all colors," confesses Félix Villar, deputy director of the company alquizareña "but this time I say here has responded like never before. The credit belongs to producers. When, after the hurricanes last year were asked an extraordinary effort, met the short-cycle crops to markets covered barren. Then they went in depth with the cold season and were the results. True, the State, even under the difficult circumstances facing the country, given resources, but also true that worked politically and ethically motivated. I can tell you that our farmers and workers are people of principle. The majority supported the struggle against speculation and illegal trafficking of products.
"We've improved," he added with respect to the rotation of crops, land use and consistent application of agro-technical measures. We are moving towards greater diversification of meats, vegetables and fruit. But I have heard of a nefarious theory, which seeks to justify the evil done: some people say when they see that the ships of the trading unit are maxed out, which occurred over the plans. Listen, criminal in Cuba is about productive surpluses, when we know that Food must stomp. What is needed is to distribute and market it as it should, rationally, agility and efficiency. Politics is producing more, and yet, to my knowledge, do not produce what people really need. "
Something like that think Victor Alfonso Diaz, president of the Cooperative Credit and Service Frank Pais in Guira: "The state gives, so we must give the state. A producer who fails to act and not respected. See my case. With seeds, fuel and fertilizer received, I have achieved in the last year in crops that have increased my income by 25%. And in that time I have provided the company a 35% higher than before possible. So we all win. But victory is not achieved without proper marketing.
The same criterion based Pedro Ariel Beltran to the CCS Nicomedes Corvo, Quivicán. Emphasizes the improvement in delayed payments-not-on average 10 days and claims that this effort of the State "must respond optimally using the resources we deliver".
The engineer Carlos Delgado, an expert on everything on the company Batabano, for years recognized that Havana did not have an insurance program as in 2008 and so far east. Therefore it is unacceptable that such an effort, in the midst of the economic constraints facing the country, does not have the expected result: the satisfaction of our people.
Alfonso Martinez Juanito ensures that farmers productive reserves are yet to be exploited Havana: "The issue is not only working but know how to work. But just as the earth we must anticipate what will happen," planning the work, play him head to rain, not waste workforce, throughout the system imposes the same philosophy. I learned a saying with the old: the knife plunges into the earth before passing the boa, boa do not let that surprise you " .

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