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Convocation to the XIII Theatre Festival of La Havana, Cuba .

Anton Arrufat Mrad. Santiago de Cuba. August 14, 1935
Outstanding playwright, poet, narrator and essayist. Author holding a huge work justifying his National Literature Prize on 2000. Around the same year, he was also bestowed with Alejo Carpentier Prize for his novel La noche del aguafiestas (The spoilsport's night) .He was also winner of different contests from Casa de las Americas, obtaining mention in theater on 1961 for El vivo al pollo and mention in poetry on 1963 for Repaso final (Final Review). In 1968, he won the Theater Prize from UNEAC for his work Los siete contra Tebas (The Seven Against Tebas).He got his early education at his natal city, moving to Havana on 1947 with his family. He also lived in United States and Europe. On 1962, his first book saw the light, En claro, approaching his main poems from adolescence. He worked at Lunes de Revolución Magazine, founding and heading along five years Casa de las Américas' Magazine.His theater pieces has been translated into Poland, English and French, having presentations in United States, Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Varsovia. He has published in Europe, L'Arc, Les Lettres, Quimera, Siempre, Ever Green Magazines and in almost every Cuban magazine.

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Convocation to the XIII Theatre Festival of La Havana, Cuba
Lead The National Council for Performing Arts (CNAE) invites playwrights from around the world to the XIII edition of the Theatre Festival in La Havane, dedicated to the celebration of the 50 years of theatre into the Revolution.
Publication Date 2008-12-01 2:00 pm
Text 1 The Festival will take place from 1st to 10th of November 2009 in the theatres, auditoriums and alternative halls of La Havane. This Festival will be a meeting point and a celebration of the learnings and contributions of masters, creators, promotors who participated to support Cuban performing arts.

Participants are invited to send their dossier, technical forms and the audiovisual material recorded either on DVD, VCD or video support (complete work) before 31 May 2009.

More information and contact (in Spanish):

Festival Internacional de Teatro de La Habana
Consejo Nacional de las Artes Escénicas
Calle 4 No. 257 e/ 11 y 13 Vedado
Ciudad Habana, 10 400 Cuba
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Text 2 Points of the 1997 Declaration related to this subject:
- Parag. 18: (...) New means of private funding, from major foundations to small companies, must be encouraged as supplementary sources of funds, particularly with a view to supporting the creation, the expression and the dissemination of contemporary works.
- Parag. 19: Public and private funding sources are invited to respond favourably to requests made by artists in developing countries or countries in transition. UNESCO’s intervention is particularly necessary in order to identify and publicize existing opportunities for private funding of the arts worldwide

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