Sunday, August 2, 2009

Theater in the Street in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

From the city of Santiago de Cuba travel Hernan Cortez to conquer Mexico, this is a city of any foundation in America, from Canada to Patagonia, and is the only one with a Muslim architecture that is now lost in this town for lack of financial resources for restoration.
The researchers assume that the Arab African Muslims traveled in the ships of Christopher Columbus falsely converted to Christianity to avoid being expelled from Spain and these were the first architects.
De la ville de Santiago de Cuba Voyage Hernan Cortez à la conquête du Mexique, c'est une ville de tout fondement en Amérique, du Canada à la Patagonie, et est le seul avec un musulman, l'architecture qui est maintenant perdu dans cette ville en raison du manque de ressources financières pour la restauration.
Les chercheurs supposent que les pays arabes musulmans d'Afrique a voyagé dans les navires de Christopher Columbus faussement convertis au christianisme, pour éviter d'être expulsé de l'Espagne et ont été les premiers architectes.

Taking the breakfast in Cuba(my grandaugther). Fuit shake, eggs and mango from "El Caney"county near Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Milk an coffee are difficult to found and expensive for cubans families.Bread is limited.

Street vendor, they are usually private farmer coming to the city.
Photo: Gualterio Nunez Estrada, wide angle.Olympus SP-565UZ made in Viet Nam.

Photos: Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Nikon D40, wide angle.
On my recent holiday trip to Santiago de Cuba, the city where I was born and educated to 47 years, found a group of street theater that recaptures the tradition of the Carnival of Venice, an influence of the Italian humanists in the Caribbean to late sixteenth century, and the design of Japanese Kabuki theater with a mix of influential Beijing Opera in the island since the mid-XIX.Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida 34233.
Il mio recente viaggio vacanza a Santiago de Cuba, la città dove sono nato ed educato a 47 anni, ha trovato un gruppo di teatro di strada che riprende la tradizione del Carnevale di Venezia, l'influenza del umanisti italiani nei Caraibi a tardo XVI secolo, e la progettazione del teatro Kabuki giapponese, con un mix di Opera di Pechino influente l'isola a partire dalla metà degli XIX.Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida 34233.
サンティアゴデクーバに私の最近の休暇旅行、市内どこ生まれ、 47歳までの教育で、ヴェネツィアのカーニバル、カリブ諸国ではイタリアじんぶんがくへの影響はrecaptures劇場の伝統通りのグループが見つかりました以来、島の有力北京オペラのミックスで16世紀後半、日本の歌舞伎の劇場のデザインの半ばXIX.Gualterioヌニェスエストラダ、サラソタ、フロリダ34233 。

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