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Our vacation: with family and friends in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

This is and old fashion American truck operated by a family to transport the urban population in the city of Santiago de Cuba and themselves in the day off. They don't have any official red tape or state subvention for diesel, body shop or to be repaired it but they are successful, the whole family, in the bussiness of transportation and, at the same time, they pay taxes to the local goverment.
Supported by this semi-privated transportation bussines, plus the benefies of a socialist society, the level of life and welfare of this family and others relatives, is very confortable, over the media in Cuba. But there are now so many like them along the island in different kinds of bussines linked to service, transportation and food production.

Although the media are state controlled, the levels of information in young people are high and intellectual training under the Cuban education system is very succeful for analyzed any aspect of life as I saw on this trip where I found a youth highly critical, as never before, open-minded, but very responsible with his country and family.
Cuban education- historically influenced by the Germany School of Kindergarten since the beggining of XX century until our days, when by russian scholars asesory until 1989, they still applied germany didactik in the metodology of teaching mathematics, chemistry and phisic, is one of the best in the world as it have been probed in the cuban school of medicine, under the consideration of so many scholars around the world, even better than the education in the United States in many aspect of Pedagogy and Didactik, based on my experience in education in both countries.

In the Cuban island family, neighbors and friends are the greatest treasure of a person.
. Despite the social tensions of underdevelopment, poverty and lack of resources, typical of the Caribbean, it's easy to make friends in Cuba because of high levels of safety, especially for students, families, women and children in all parts of the island .
Cuba today is non-violence society, very safest whereever you go with your childrens, almost free of drugs, contagius disease without any kind of criminal gangs. Youth people are busy as student and worker under the moral surveillance of the family, worker and school enviroment.
In some way, tradition and poor infraestructure resources have concentrated three generation in the same home tamponing the sense of independence on individuals in young people oblied to live with the father and the grandfather. In Cuba, seniors have a strong moral pressure about the youth who care them at home until they pass away, but it is no a surprise in the cuban society where strong roots from Spain dominated the life of the people, the behavior, the way they dressed and many symbols of civilization far away from technologist design and a rich society like United States.
But, if we compared the life in Cuba twenty years ago, the pacific way of this society, today, is due primarily to a high density of graduates and scientists per capita, thousands of them travelling and with intense communication with more than one hundreds countries around the planet, the largest cultural interaction in Latin America because they travel to workd as human resource, not like tourist and are the main influence in a population of high schooling at large.
There are in Cuba, today a large numbers of policemen in service that are college educated and speak several languages.

We are going to Cuba to meet with families and friends...This is a beach, very organic, near Santiago de Cuba.Visiting with my grandaugther the chinesse town in Atlanta.... before the trip to Cuba.My grandaugther is going to the midled... Oh, my God...We enjoy Lido Beach... in Sarasota, Florida.Sarasota is a so beatiful and "magic" enviroment to enjoy the life if you are a sport player, writer, a poet, a pinter, biologist or a researcher that need inspiration, is very close to Tampa Port and few hours to Cuba by Yacht with good weather.The beaches looks like Guanabo in Havana.We are living for nine years in Sarasota County, one of the nicest place in Florida, and my grandaugther, 12 years old, who born in Miami, now, is living in Atlanta, Georgia.When my daugther arrived with her, about a month ago, then, everybody, ride for three ours to Miami to fly to Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, pretty close to Guantanamo. Amazing!I am back after almost fourtheen years ago since I lift Cuba and never go back before, with the exception of my wife two years ago, and for my little princess is the first time to meet with a lot of familily in a poor developing caribbean island far away from the resource, technology and welfare of one of the cities with more developing in the world: Atlanta.I am curious.We landed in Holguin, we need to ride in an old fashion american truck for three ours to Santiago de Cuba, second city of Cuba, west of Cuba, close to Guantanamo, in the coast. The temperature is very hot all the time with higth level of humidity. No air aconditioner, neither luxury tourist car, or some comfort that normally we have in America, for two reason: one for economy, the fly ticket, with everything in the customs red tape, is very, very expensive as a seasonal cheap fly ticket with hotel for a weekend in London, second: we want to fill "inside" a normal cuban family in the island as much as we can do. We have the experienced that to be "at home" with friends and cuban neigbourghs is twenty time better than hotel life style. You have fun all the time.I found in the street some canadian and french tourists atracted by beaches and carnival season in the city where thousand eat, dance and drink during 24 hours for more than a week, is a non stop "carpe diem" in this city.So many fruits in the street solded by private farmer one year later of deadlyd four hurrica
According to testimonies of other Cubans who traveled with us, the recovery of nature and buildings has been remarkably successful in cubans areas where most damage caused by weather phenomena. There were areas so devastated in Cuba, a year ago,but they are now fully restored as if nothing had happened.

Baconao beach in the coast goint from Santiago de Cuba to the Naval Base of Guantanamo, pretty close
The "Cave Man" Park in "Baconao" beaches between Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo City.

"Baconao Lagoon" is like "Everglades" System but without any damaged or industry polution, very balanced ecosystem.

We meet with our dear friend Eduardo, selected oficially as one of the best librarian of Cuba, very known in the main Library of the City "Elvira Cape" and cultural institutions.
Preparing dinner for us. Now we have a change in the new generation cubans housewife behavior, thery are preparing many recipt from international cuisine far away from old fashion cuban cuisine. for special ocasion, we were surprise with some dishes "hot recipt" in the frozen food United States market.
My grandaugther was the winner of the happiness in this trip of non stop smiles for her. She was surprised like american to know for first time at twelve years old that she "own" a very big interesting family in Cuba, kindy, caring and very lovly with her.
At the same time she, my teenager american grandaughter, became loving the city of Santiago de Cuba after three days: She told me: "Pa, it is beatiful and nice, only need something to be repaired.-
Later, I analyzed it was a very american reaction of her because the same thing told me some american visitor after three days walking around the city twenty years ago when I live there... American don't care about his own iconic culture when they feel to be inside another one.

The U.S. embargo has not stopped the local construction of amusement devices for children.
COMMERCIAL BUILDERS parks previously bought in Japan today are built with local resources.

Despite the crisis of energy found many homes with air conditioning in a room or two.My sister in law listen to my wife in the intimity of the kitchen.

The young graduates whom I met were extremely critical of government economic management.
Graduates in economics were not consistent with a domestic economy that does not allow high levels of bank savings to the employee and the existence of two currencies.
The management of state enterprises without profit are seen as a source of backwardness and intensively discussed, with the exception of Health System, Education and Culture-Sport, the possibility of combining the management of cooperative, private and state sectors to develop the domestic economy and replace the maximum imports of everything as they can do.
Despite the noticeable signs of economic recovery, the still low food production, the inability to distribute due to poor infrastructure, red tape and high market prices, is the hottest topic in the street.
I did not see anyone satisfied with the direction of the Cuban economy because, in contradiction to the results achieved during almost five decades of effort, it has great potential non exploted yet in the quantity and quality of human resources and talents of young scientist researcher and enginner in Cuba and high levels of international technological advice and information as it is demostrated in the cuban pharmacist industry, free health and preventive universal cuban system and cuban educational system very proactive and efficient with a speedy and very professional customer service at the level of all the cuban community.
Main street in Santiago, there are a few people because we are in carnival season.

The falling birth rate has increased levels of conservatism in Cuban society has become less dynamic that years ago, more attached to tradition, however, climate change, the problems of half a century of bad strategy in domestic market and the production and distribution of foods and the high development of productive forces, but the influence, so close, mainly Spain and Russian society at all level, in another side of the coin, Chinese Communist Party and American scientific institutions, despite embargo, have changed the views of young people who struggle to find ways for pragmatical technological development in the island and never we had before another capital generation prior awareness of the problem of the economy like this one, now.

We are in the backyard of our neighbor in charge of distributing government-subsidized bread in the neighborhood with his mother, our friend, who receives special care in the free universal health system due to have diabetes.Ice Cream, they are "organic", home made with fresh fruits.

A cuban truck driver.
This is a cuban nurse marry with the truck driver, family member.

The Aquiles syndrome of the cuban society is still in the mass of the population.
Underdevelopment is still in the minds of Cubans, despite the evolution of ideas.
The main source of economic backwardness and social and administrative corruption in Cuban society is, actually, in the programed and historical mind/brain relation, the atavistic machismo of the regime of slavery under the Spanish metropolis very, strong yet inside the tabu of the tribe for centuries.
If we look at Cuba as a society that evolves from a war economy in an area of low intensity conflict and compare it to Israel, a society of the same kind, under the same circunstance of state that evolves under "bellum contendere", circunstances, we see that the development of technology and science in Israel is greater than on Cuba because of the Israeli state was able to incorporate women into the state military -industrial complex super and infrastructure, unlike in Cuba they do not due for cultural reason, where even women today play a subordinate role compared to men in super and infrastructure domination despite woman have mostly the scientific advice in the cabinet of direction in Cuban universities-superestructures- for over thirty years, or more... to the date.
In Cuba, unlike in Sarasota, Florida, where we live, now and you can see angloamerican woman police(but almost never a latine woman...), it's rare to see a female police officer in the street, never -although the levels of violence in the Cuban streets are so low that the police, usually, only carry a cell phone, as we can see during ten days in Santiago de Cuba - more rare is to see a woman with the rank of general to have a voice in the Cuban army general staff, primarily led by men. The same happens in civilian life: the list of ministers deposed last one was a woman. However, the government has proven for the first time in decades, an almost absolute control of the drug's landfall on the Cuban coast from which incorporate women in coastal surveillance along the border troops.
The absence of a law on gender, beyond the laws against racial discrimination, has an impact on the legal guarantee of women to ascend to positions of power in Cuba in the state and party to the point that half a century after socialism in Cuba women leaders in the party hold few seats at the head of municipalities and provinces and the same happens with the mayors. This, I believe, is the main contradiction in Cuban (and cubanamerican...) society that does can not be resolve with a change of system and make animosity aroused in policy makers, foreign investors and credit agencies due the slow development of the domestic economy to this internal and cultural problem linked to the cultural gender map of cuban society as many cuban and cubanamerican sociologist now, because we experimented, too, here in United States, two einstenian world, at the same time, in the same place, one for angloamerican woman and another one for latine womans... if you refeer to technical data of universities enrollment of latine womans in the country and latine congresist woman participation in the goverment decisition... ( In this sense is a problem that interact based on parenting with two communities with the same cultural roots, one in United States, one in Cuba with the same problem...)
A Caribbean country like Cuba who ls not subject to rules of the IMF and the free market needs a balance to credited himself in the superstructure which guarantees a Foreign credit and inversionist decition and this can never be achieved if decisions are taken government funds among by an elite of men as we experiment before, historically before Malvinas, in the area, with the military junta of Argentina, composed entirely by men nucleous around and elite, heavily subsidized without control by the IMF, and then forced to retire due to total loss of capital, politic credit, and the total ruin of the country ... which Argentina has never been recovered ... until the sun today. It is not a problem of the system... is a technical problem of the modern state and his relation with the culture and the media probed during the Second World War when the nature of cultural gender(Ref: Jhon Money, Kinsey) change for first time in the history of the humanity.

Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.

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