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Medical causes dialogue among Chinese families in Miami and Cuba.醫學原因之間的對話,中國家庭在邁阿密和古巴。

Yahily Hernández Portoyahily@juventudrebelde.cu14 de Agosto del 2009 21:31:30 CDT
This is the photo published in Juventud Rebelde, Havana, Cuba that has motivated the communication between relatives in Miami and the island are descendants of the legendary Chinese medical Siam '
Chinese M.D make history in Cuba.
Demonstrate existence of the legendary Chinese Medicine in Camagüey old The Chinese Sian was very popular because of their knowledge of oriental medicine, despite arousing fear in many residents considering healer. JR offers new evidence about its existence and genetic fingerprint in the Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe
Demuestran existencia del legendario Médico Chino en el Camagüey antiguo
El chino Sián era muy popular debido a su conocimiento oriental de la medicina, a pesar de despertar temor en no pocos lugareños por considerarlo curandero. JR ofrece nuevos indicios acerca de su huella genética y existencia en la Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe

在報紙“起義青年”在古巴的哈瓦那,評論從一個讀者在邁阿密說,已送交家人在古巴提示一篇文章的地方ancesto ,其中最有名的醫生在古巴,一個中醫藥這一遷移到島嶼在十九世紀中葉,他們的存在,現在證明。

]In the newspaper "Juventud Rebelde" in Havana, Cuba, you can read today in spanish only a comment from a reader in Miami that has been communicated to the family in Cuba prompted by an article about a place ancestor, one of the most famous doctor in Cuba, a Chinese medical that migrated to the island in the middle of the nineteenth century and whose existence is now proven.
Comment from a cuban-chinese living in Miami about the article in "Juventud Rebelde" about the chinesse legendary phisician in Cuba.
Magaly PINO - August 15 2009 21:46:29 CDT FEEL GREAT PRIDE TO READ THIS column so interesting CHINESE ON THE SIAM My great-grandfather, VI THE PICTURES OF MY SISTERS (O) I live in the U.S. MIAMI FL, MI PAPA VICTOR PINE SIAM ERA SU NIETO, here lies two of her grandchildren Magaly PINO PINO LAZARO, GRACIAS POR TAN INTEREZANTE COMMENT AND DISCLOSURE BY LINDA TAN TRADITION of our ancestors, now further grow our pride, We look forward KNOW MORE OF THIS GREAT LEGENDARY CHINESE, with great pride, My great-grandfather JOHN OF GOD AND SIAM Saldivar , my interest shows they know that although we ACA, wanted to be part of such an interesting history of our great grandfather, my intention is to express thanks my thanks to all who INTEREST CONTRIBUTION TO DISCOVER WHAT IS INTERESTING THAT WAS GREAT LEGENDARY LEGEND OF MEDICAL CHINESE. Magaly CHINA THROUGH THE SIAM

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