Thursday, August 6, 2009

Holyday in Cuba.You will be surprised...

Jose Marti, actually, the most universal and influently intellectual force of the entire American continent has its tomb in Santiago de Cuba.

Ana Maria de Aguero, Santiago de Cuba, UNEAC, drama theater writer won recently a theater contest in Italy.
She travel frecuently to Spain and Italy.
Thousands of Cubans traveling around the world as either medical or intellectual.
An example of this internationalization of Cuba is a hospital in Santiago de Cuba where is practiced medicine by masters in medical science, using traditional and no invasive medicine from Africa, Asia, India, China and the Middle East( acupunture, feng shui, yoga, massage therapy... for example) with the most exotic tratement and completely open and free for every cubans as they wish.
There are another special center for neuropatic disease (lack of vitamin B12, b1, b6, normally in senior. They are parallel but into the normal west medicine universal free health, mental and dentist cuban system.
The international experience in medicine and drugs( they have drugs factories made in germany undergroung and so many chemical research about...) is spreading in all school of cubans university the notion of and interdisciplinary language in young cubans graduated and scholars to research any problem of the society with increasing scientist criteria about, for example, cuban domestic economy, a hot issue now, rather than ideology and propaganda.
Surprisingly, so many young people and children are aware and seeking of the latest brands of toys, clothes, shoes and electronics in the market because thousands of cubans travel constantly around the world returning to the holiday island with a lot of information on the latest articles governing the marketing, this even exceeds, now, the influence of Cuban Americans traveling to the island. The internet is not the main factor because few Cubans have this tool and although many have their own laptop computer or cell phone or email, they are very lack of communication with the international media.
The global economy crisis is accelerating this process of counciusness in the cuban society. The people in the street discused the balanced between state and private bussines in a socialist country that needs urgently food production to survive.
The country needs as soon as possible food production, anyway,to decreased imported food that increase the international debt of Cuba to foreing countries, low the credit and support the political dependance of partners.
Nobody is dreaming in Cuba at this time, everybody is so pragmatic, but some are waiting, yet, for Obama firecracker promise to open the door of embargo, anothers, dont belief nothing from anyone and wants to work outside to come back with money in ten years or less and built up a confortable house for the family, some were doing that before in Spain six months every years until the global economy crisis starting.

Mother waiting for curstomer service inside a store.
The birth rate is low, the population has aged with a life expectancy greater than or equal to the United States and Canada with a health and education systems that worked much better and is faster that the two countries mentioned.
Certain groups of people in retirement are even spend working to ensure care and adequate food due to domestic economy and the existence of two currencies.
Olympus SP 565UZ
Daily rations of white bread for two people. The Cuban state guarantees each citizen a daily ration of bread at subsidized prices as well as a share of basic food. There are also subsidized canteens in many schools and workplaces with breakfast and one meal at a few cents.
Outside the state subsidized food is expensive even at the low food production that requires the government to import.
In 50 years of state control the problem of food production has not yet been resolved and the domestic economy is still frozen
Nikon D-40

Nikon D-40
Olympus SP-565UZ

We lunch at home with the family and friends eating the everyday food that you can have with cuban currency in the popular market. For some cubans are hard to buy some food as they can eat because the price is expensive, yet. But mostly of them are ealthy and some are fatty.

Nikon D-40
Olympus SP-565UZ
Photos by Gualterio Nunez Estrada, OLYMPUS SP-565UZ, made in Viet Nam.

Only a few days back to Sarasota, Florida after ten days on holiday in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba where I was surprised by the large number of youths between 20 and 29 years with various specialties or two mid-level university courses in both sexes, however, many of them had not even finished a second language, the most popular among the English, the French and Italian which makes the saga of the young people of Aruba to the twenty years that are capable of speaking five languages : Papiamento, Dutch, English, Spanish and French. However, it is surprising that when two or three young Cubans with different specialties meet immediately to consider any location with an interdisciplinary language and a high critical of their own reality, even amid the usual lack of resources in developing countries of Latin America . Cuban society presents contradictions: health and education remain the patterns of customer service typical American, is agile, dynamic and with few errors despite the lack of material resources, however, the domestic economy is quite the contrary: full of red tape and poor customer service, including the tourism industry with prices too high, with few backward and attractions, beyond the nature and any other facility.
While Santiago de Cuba is the capital of the Caribbean, the tourism industry in this city is very primitive, employees have no concept of customer care and supply of souvenirs is expensive, naive, lack of imagination and of little variety.
Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida 34233.

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