Saturday, August 8, 2009

Editorial: Cuba y Honduras y la participacion democratica.

Honduras, with a long history of coups, a dominant landowning elite, described by many as a narco-state, an eighty percent of poverty and illiteracy in the population and high emigration rate, is much less likely to evolve towards forms of democratic participation that Cuba is governed by a ruling elite of the Communist Party that has made the biggest indicators of health, education and social security for their population with higher rates that even rich countries like United States.
Before the next reunion in Tampa on the U.S. embargo on Cuba, we wonder:
By keeping the half-century of failure to embargo Cuba where there are no sanctions for the coup of military-civilian dictatorship that currently governs Honduras next to the landowners?
By that prevents communication between the American people and the Cuban people and that is still subject to regulations concerning communications between the Cuban people in United States and the Cuban people on the island, Cubans are the same whether by kinship and culture, still, they are U.S. nationals.
When elected President Obama went around the world buy the lottery ticket's dismissal of the U.S. embargo on Cuba, but so far only Cantinflas has an answer, it seems that the Mexican comic dominates the scene of the Washington-Havana relations where so accounts that always happens where I said: I say, today, tomorrow, I say Diego.
The two discourses: Ideology and propaganda in both sides- the batle of ideas- is different situation than "to be open to the bussines" in the global market.-
Applying insulation to Venezuela for military assistance from Russia, what would the reaction in light of U.S. military assistance to Colombia if we take into consideration that the U.S. military industry and space hinges on imports of Russian titanium and other components vital imported from Moscow to the U.S. military and industrial power since the fifties, now the Russian-American relations are necessary for a more stable world energy and if we take in consideration that any latinoamerican country, 600 years back in the history can be compared to United States infraestructure and technology neither they could be a real trick for national security of America even if they have good relation with Russia, the other side of the coin is "propaganda" inside the domestic policy of United States to play with the politic rol of the "ego" of chovinist people to get more votes in the Congress or Senate.

And the only real threat that Chavez show to rich countries is Chavez's money is paying for teaching millions of illiterate people that rigth now are learning to read and write in Latin America and left thousands of poor forgotten Latin American and Caribbean are being addressed with the physician to have health care and cultural and sport participation with the money of Chavez. I do not see another threat, only for the class that use to lives a latinoamerican welfare based on the ignorance and lack of rigths of the others one, due to the large difference between Cuba and Venezuela, a country great and rich energy partner of United States. The only thing that Chavez can do with United States is to sell more oil opening the market and buy more imported american stuff, that's it . Even is all latinamerican is going to the left with Chavez they will need to improved a better relation with America as Venezuela President took to Obama in the meeting of Las Americas, any way.Bussines operation is a pragmatical thing far away from ideology and "propaganda" and close to the the cultural crossover between Latin America and United States, it is not a "reality show" as the politician many times do in front of tv cameras tryng to score better pool than the next tomate soup advertisement or the headline news.We need to be more responsible, like JesusChrist, with the planet, not only with our own people, the nationals, as the fariseus did in the Bible times.
The policy of isolating nations "off" communications with United States like you spray your body against mosquites in the wild forest, divides us: the planet hearth and makes it a little for democracy with a double standard for Latin America and the other one.
The first source of a threatening coup in Latin America or danger to state security and stability of the nation is in the great masses of communities mired in ignorance, neglected by the ruling elites, without care, without hospital and not even a social security law or a local media- always busy with the last hit in New York market-, to protect them. The system can be more or less democratic, but in practice, where they only have real legal protection programe in the constitution to serve an elite and their associates, it's easy to speak, easy handling of the press by the educated elites who always seek to prevail as classes dominant minority to a majority of poor and often illiterate or semi servants used by a few cents. Countries in Latin America have no government capable of establishing programs to ensure that every citizen is legally protected with a minimum benefit, inevitably depend on the intervention of foreign countries and rich elites alienated by the colonial society. Copy contradictory models of rich societies as if we were like "The Lazarillo of Thormes" or a class alienated by the luxury and ostentation outside the socioeconomic level in which we have been educated, the tomb of the own cultural identity that is at the same time the loss of security and stability of the state and nation: the national elites in uprooting anything that serves the Caribbean and Latin American countries in their development - the economic crisis, the drug culture, and damage to nature in rich countries is an example ignorance of how nest in them and the need to think with the head itself that is not harmful ... and assumes that what is truly useful to our interests of poor countries.
Government policies in the Caribbean and Latin America:
Since 1945,(The curve of copyrigth in science and technology spyrocrocked, after the batled of Berlinm in both countries -and the undercover inmigration to United States and Russia of higth officer scientific and enginner of nazi Germany-compared the rated of invention 1900-1945) when United States and Russia looted thousands of German patent exclusively developed before and during the Third Reich by german universities the most Nobel laureated until 1933, United States, for reasons of national security, restrictions imposed by the exchange of scientific and technical information, of which only one party exchanges Canada, with Japan second and third place with Germany and and stop..., the exchange that comes from United States to Latin America is a sale of c"clearence" or disposal of "garage sale" of what is no longer applicable to the domestic military-industrial development, this is not counting the reasons surrounding the copyright of the multinationals and Latin American universities to invalidate a time to declassify their thesis. This is a situation that I lived in college in Cuba where thousands of archived research sleep because if you removed them, all the anger utility going into the hands of the control of transnational and you get very little, pennies, from them in the country who develop these with scientific theory, this happens especially with the formulas of medicine developed from natural medicine indigenous from Latin America and is this is subject of discussion by the community of Latin American countries, such as happens with the root of Maca in Peru.
Developing countries with low per capita rate of scientists are at high risk of instability and violence, it is urgently needed health and education programs policies for all, supported by mandatory media education programs in all media, on a mandatory economic stimulus to the study of languages in specialties where there is a greater transfer of science and technology with rich countries. We must go beyond developing a second or third language to support tourism or ever will from bondage, ignorance and backwardness. Every country of Latin America that has the problem of the need of multilingual communities that can take up the transfer and communication of technical and scientific data by encouraging the extensive and intensive study of the languages of those from rich countries more open to this exchange. For example, in the Cuban case, Russia and China has historically been open to the exchange and transfer of scientific and technical data than any other power it has never done with a Caribbean country since Christopher Columbus arrived. Proof of this Russian will was General Tamayo, the first black and Latin American in space.
This is a technical problem of the intelligence of state institutions in developing countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, regardless of party or political orientation of the elites of government and every country must develop his own strategy with the best partners.
We must be prepared at least for ten years of hard time to try how to deal, actually, with this tougth socioeconomic enviroment, not less.
We are subject to climatic changes in the midst of a global economic and energy crisis to last at least ten years until the heavy industry evolves, this will cause more epidemics, more hunger, more refugee crises, social explosions, political inestability of governments, without time to predict where and when this will happen, so we should all act more responsibly towards policy order, the ethic of scientific research, energy policies, international treaties between the energy giant-transnationals- and the understanding and peace between nations in a world gripped by the risk of low intensity conflicts scenary.

Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida 34233.

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