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Cuba: All Quiet on the Western Front.

The poster reads: "The Fatherland first" sentence Lieutenant General Antonio Maceo, a hero and military genius during the Cuban war of independence against Spain.
My granddaughter's Cuban American born in Miami,(left in the picture) on first visit to the island in Santiago de Cuba in orther to know the family poses with his two cousins Cuban-born on the island.
Cubans on the island, beyond its political, socio-economy and ideological differences, they feel in brotherhood as one nation, one culture and one people taking as its starting point the cultural roots and family.
We find that the only visitors on the island that has no delay in customs is the American birthright. When presenting the American Born passport to thew Customs Official immediately he gives you free access, instantly. Other visitors have to wait one to six hours, whether the country they are, much more if your are cuban born.
On the road from the airport of Holguin to Santiago de Cuba we saw to the hundreds of peasants, well dressed and in good health condition, roadside selling a lot of cheeses, drinks, chicken, fruits and vegetables for less than a dollar, while prices in Cuban "pesos" are even higher for population.

Children can play and walk in the street, alone, very safe in Cuba. In school season many of them, starting 10 years old, walk to the school without supervision of the parent.

When arriving on holiday from Miami to Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, were in time of carnival, there was almost nobody in the waiting rooms of hospitals and few people in the center of town where theater companies operating in the street because hundreds Thousands of people were concentrated during the 24 hours drinking, eating and dancing in the fields for the carnival.
This lasted several days during our stay.

The theater on the street of a group of Pinar del Rio, from the other side of the island, with its refined choreography as part of the festivities of carnival in Santiago de Cuba is an example of how in twenty years have changed the patterns of popular culture with new values and ideas with strong European and Asian influences.

Cuban women were educated on the island as they are absolute master of the house but now the majority are working or studying struggled by a housing problem.
Men are often away from home much longer than women during the hours of the day and part of the night, often because they are educated to live under any circumstances, including a life of campament and because Cuban women do not like his presence all the time inside the home while they are doing domestic labor, they prefer to be alone without men doing anything useful.
The housing crisis has launched, under pressure today, many families to migrate to the United States, Mexico and Europe because several families often occupy the same dwelling.

Theater on the Street and Morro Castle of Santiago de Cuba, Cuba pictures were taken with a Nikon D40 with the factory zoom lens.

To Admiral Cervera and the Spanish Army in Cuba fallen military honors riden it every year at the Morro Castle in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Here is a photo of the Spanish grandfather born in La Gomera, which has caused a fever of Spanish citizens in the family. Spain remains the great myth in the origins of Cuban culture.

The family is the main asset of Cubans on the island and covers both distant relatives and neighbors and friends. A large and united family is a source of happiness in even the largest gap material because it is part of mental health and spiritual identity within the ideal Caribbean.
The nearest family group usually meets behind closed doors in the first room of the house to tell stories, anecdotes, taboos, myths and narratives in the presence of the smaller ones so that they learn to maintain its identity. In this case, our visit was the reason everyone came to reassess all previous generations, including the founder of the family of my wife, a Spanish evaded military service when the war in Cuba from the island of Gomera, in Canarias.
I just had a paternal great-grandfather of Alferez Spanish Frigate Squadron of Admiral Cervera.
Cuba show today significant advances in mental health at the level of population.

Cuba today show significant advances in mental health at population. Almost 14 years ago which left Santiago de Cuba the mental health of the population has improved dramatically.I did'nt found any mad people walking in the stree, only one pacifical retarded, as was usual before, twenty years ago.I Find all seniors maintaining logical discourse with a strong voice and without any kind of emotional tension or gap, although the sector is removed from the area hardest hit by the movement of two currencies and high food prices. On the street people walk slowly and do not occur as verbal altercations were common twenty years ago, even among elders who sit on the park to discuss any topic. Find many critics to the government to shelter and food for the population but these were expressed without emotion, according to the logic, without use of heavy or high-sounding words,normally in old fashion cubans, this same thing happened with people totally opposed to the government. In addition, low levels of violence showed a high development of the politics of mental health at the population level that was established in Cuba years ago at the primary M.D. level. Although I saw more poverty in the housing material, mostly unpainted and without repair the streets, I finds in my borntown a very good jump on the behavior of Cubans in less than fourteen years, despite being unhappy and being highly critical to the goverment-state managing of the economy.
Most advocates for the privatization of sectors that controls the state for fifty years and have unsuccessfully frozen domestic economy and the production and distribution of food, much more than the U.S. blockade.

For cubans baby boomers in the island, usually womans, it is very important to keept the oral tradition,tabues, miths, picture and documents for discovering the family history to the new generation. Family is the main richness for cubans in the island, family and friends are the first thing they learned to care at home for ever since they are little childrens.

Main model of the master plan of urban Santiago de Cuba, now crippled by lack of financial resources.
In carrying out this ambitious plan for the capital of Caribbean, inter-culturally linked with Santo Domingo, more than one hundred architects, engineers and foreign consultants to continue working while waiting for resources.

My granddaughter's Cuban American born in Miami with her maternal aunt who lives in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba...The aunt is one of the thousand of cuban waiting for the Spain citizenship from the Embassy of Spain in Havana.

Waiting for the turtle waitress in a restaurant on the beach, Baconao of Santiago de Cuba.
The food is organic, all is clean,very clean bathroom, little variety but good quality and well coocking, you can eat as can you order and some beers and juice, too, and you paid in the currency of normal Cubans, not the other one equivalent to euro currency, expensive for cubans.Because we went in carnival season there were not line to wait.

The housing crisis in Cuba has made several generations of the same family living in the same house.
However, generally, grandparents and other elders of the family living with any child or family. Usually family members do not send asylum for the elderly and those dying at home under the protection of the family and the help of neighbors.

An engineer and an economist who are completing a second specialty, and each, moreover, a second language, they are my former next door neighbors who were children when I emigrated from Cuba bound for Miami ...

One Sunday night in an brand new ice cream shop specializing in fresh fruit. in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. A computer engineer in a long wait, after a line of three or four hours, to eat a organic ice cream.
Children often play at night in the streets until the bedtime once they have completed homework after school.
My Cuban-American granddaughter, visiting Cuba, seeking information on a old lap top 2004 without internet in the home where lives his Cuban younger cousin.

Twenty years ago I had the experience in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, to participate in neighborhood gatherings of journalists, writers, scholars, scientists and engineers to discuss any aspect of Cuban society in an interdisciplinary way.

Changes in the language, changes in the mind/brain relation.

Twenty years later, or a few days ago, I visit the same city on ten days job vacation and I found that usually, youngs cubans GENERALLY studying a second language and school, are easy able to focus on interdisciplinary scientific language any technical aspect of Cuban society, I say, youths between 24 and 30 years, graduated or undergraduated even but meting for the first time and have not known before, start instantly to develop critical analysis in the common, every day, language. Now they are laconic, incisive and employ a technical vocabulary in speech. They tend to be brief in discourse as they need to do exposing a thesis in five minutes, which has changed the cadence and rhythm of speech in the region for every one younger, you can listen that in the local tv or radio with communicatos as a dramatic change in the psychology of a new cuban generation in twenty years to the date...
No longer are needed to meet an elite in the neighborhood as twenty years ago we do with some effort, now the scientific, enghinnering and technical community is at street level in Cuba with a population educated in the medical criteria, even in everyday language vocabulary and the normal activities of daily living.

Cuba and the infraestructure of human resource for foreing inversionist.

I believe that this potential for productive forces, despite the physical and administrative shortcomings "traditional" of the Cuban as a caribbean developing society, are a major factor for any future foreign investment in the island because it has the infrastructure in human resources, potential of demography rates, that has no anyone in the America Latina area.

Community dynamics in Cuba, the alternative media communication inside the cuban population.

Because thousands of young people are constantly traveling around the world as doctors, academics, intellectuals or simple squilled workers, the technical level of data is common Cuban high point that young children ask you about for the latest toys that you can buy in Wal Mart or Target in the United States despite any information or advertisment never appear in any cuban media or they do not have internet or they don't have any family in the cubanamerican communitty. But they know what the latest hit of fashion in Florida and have a criteria about the greatest and useful technology as well as the latest most expensive and luxurious fashions stuff solded in the very expensive boutiques in New York or London making Cuba a rich virgin market that will influence other consumers behavior around the world with their cuban tastes and choices.

Education in Cuba is probed in Miami.-

The education: In my experience as a parent. with a daughter who comes to Miami from Cuba in 1996, with one or two years of college, I can confirm the high level of academic education in the Cuban school of far higher than the United States. My daughter will adjust to the school in Miami, made friends easily with their classmates and Cuban Americans, so despite being a mother and wife graduated from the University without a required great effort on her side.Now, she, began a second career while working in international relations and a third language. But this is not the only case, the daughters of a friend of mine graduated easily because they were mid-level graduates in Cuba in the same specialty who studied in United States. They told me that this was the university level, here, by means of which Cuba they did not have to make any effort to graduate. The myth that the Cuban ideology in education is the brain washing has been missed by the ground reality in Miami and is dismissed, the young Cubans, mind open, who arrive in Miami in a few hours are over, both in the Cuban-American community and in school, very easy, and under the support that the political leaders of the Cuban-American community get easily access to a university scholarship in the state.

The Cuban pharmaceutical industry .-

The Cuban pharmaceutical industry works much better and is much more effective, less bureaucratic, as the tourism and food production for the population for which we believe is highly professional level of management.

Many Cubans who buy drugs freely at pharmacies found they are superior to any you can find in United States by the counter so relatives of Cuba for years are sending these cubans drugs, that cost pennies in Cuba, to their relatives in Miami. We can cite many examples, including vaccines, more effective and more variety than those in United States, but I will do an anecdote: my wife had an irritated area on one side of his body and had tried all the creams that were sold without a prescription at pharmacies in Sarasota without any result, when we, recently, arrived at Santiago de Cuba, instantly, she bought the cream by the counter made in the local industry and the next day the skin inflammation completely disappeared, the cream of Cuba in a few hours work.

It is remarkable to see the health of the population in general, the skin color and the appropriate body weight, although to date there are some more Cubans that are overweight or below their normal weight because due the impact of dual currency even very high price of food that prevents certain groups of retired persons or low income, proper nutrition, with more protein and make able other group overweigth to buy food as much they can eat.

Cuban Americans and Cubans on the island of Cuba are the same people .-

Cubans on the island, regardless of official political discourse and the tensions Havana and Washington, look at the Cuban Americans who visit the island as an inseparable part of the Cuban nation, including those completely American of Cuban descent, but with Cuban roots.

Today more than ever there is an awareness within Cuba in the population that we are one nation, one culture in Northern America. This can be seen when the Cuban visitor communicates with the neighborhood, not just with the family, usually come to see and greet with affection over 90 percent of the neighbors, with few exceptions, and receives many invitations to eat in house, walking, or drinking coffee. This includes government officials, Party members of the CDR and the Armed Forces.

At the moment, people to people relationship is established from the common culture and kinship, not ideology or politics.

Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida 34233.

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