Thursday, August 27, 2009

Koreans give an example to the world of culture, patriotism and love of family.

Peace on the Korean peninsula, Latin America and the balance of the world.
For no one can escape the fact that the people of all Korea is being subjected to savage pressure as a result of a low-intensity conflict which remains valid since the Cold War and that responds to the struggle between U.S. and Russia after the death of Stalin.
Intellectuals, academics and artists from the area America are part of a peace strategy that today should be focused on supporting Korean peninisula direct talks U.S. and North Korea as well as the reunification of families and cultural and socio-economic union of the two Koreas that are really one people in the South and North.
The strength of this strategy is based on peace for all of Korea and the diplomatic relations between North Korea and the United States that ultimately will reduce tensions between Moscow and Washington that today continue to evolve in our area as a military and political movements in the Carribean Sea.
The Latinoamerican foreign policy toward United States and the geopolitic of peace in the Korean peninsula are vinculated.
Considers strategic solidarity with the people throughout Korea because by this way we contribute to a more positive relationship between the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, a relationship that does not exist and even today many Latin American governments questioned. (One approach to this problem limited to Latin America as recently seen in the statements of the presidents of Argentina and Chile in the recent meeting of UNASUR on the proliferation of foreign military-american- bases after the recent coup d'etat by President Zelaya in Honduras who was abducted from the bed where he slept and transported to another country so far with impunity entire by the board of military and civilian conspirators who governs this country. )
Peace and prosperity in Korean peninsula for both countries is, at present and probed by my experience in this issue, the cornerstone of global equilibrium and, in principle, the moral foundation of the struggle against colonialism and imperialist hegemony that has been historically governed by the rich and powerful nations, independently of his political orientation, against the poor and/or opressed countries, subject to be a piece in the chess game of his secrets policies, protocols and pacts-based on foreign military bases- to divided nations, puppeted goverments and seeking expansion of influenced areas and energy markets.Sarasota, Florida, Friday, August 28, 2009.

Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34,233.

Coréens donner un exemple pour le monde de la culture, le patriotisme et l'amour de la famille.
한국 문화, 애국심과 가족의 사랑의 세계로 예를 들어주세요.

Nothing but the wind. Nothing but the night, and frost, and myself alone.
Let me walk, walk on, is my blood ripening in the pure blue sky as apples ripen? As apples ripen and drop?
Will tomorrow be that marvellous day? The day after that? Or the year after next?
from "The Early lyrics of Midang" by So-Chon-Ju, korean poet 1916-2000.
Kim Young-chol, chief delegate and secretary general of the South Korean Red Cross office, left, and his North Korean counterpart Choe Song Ik come out after their meeting at a hotel at the Diamond Mountain, North Korea, Thursday, Aug. 27, 2009. South Korea is proposing regular reunions of families separated by the Korean War during meetings between officials of the two Koreas held this week amid signs of easing tension on the peninsula, a spokesman said Thursday. (AP Photo/Korea Pool)
By Robert Burns
AP National Security Writer / August 27, 2009

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