Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Caribbean countries: papers boat in the caribbean sea.

As noted in the consumer society individual freedom is often at times like cattle in the corral of the free market and society, their status quo, manipulates the individual in such a way that loses the sense of civic community, social activity, active activity, making the state eventually enters into economic, spiritual and political decline. Orwell talked about the problem that is met in all political systems, it is state technical problem... signed by Lenin in "The State and The Revolution"(The media rol in the state...)

Imperialism, colonialism and poverty has hidden its allies in the against the logic status quo as that happen inside the communist party in the Soviet Union after Stalin died. The old dominant priviledged class, very maleness, generally, with womans out the main power,( as happens in Germany during the Third Reich) generation by generation, are no prepared for changes... and they, at the end, frozen the economy and domestic industry.
A rich class, and educated minority, is for ever generation after generation,usually, "de facto", in the power in the Caribbeans countries, without allowing the existence of classes within a social-economic order to ensures only the real power economic and political privileges to that group and its descendants,(the example of the "bekkes"-white males descendant- in the caribbean french is not the only one, there are undercover "bekkes" in the area since the times of slavery) thus becoming them the main allies of any imperial power, has the political orientation they have if that one garantee the permanence in the power generation by generation of the same group of families as a dinasty of power untouchables by the juridical system.This is the main root of colonialism and poverty inside our caribbean countries because despite a chovinist discourse, left or rigth, this kind of leadership can not garantee what would happens in the next future with the domestic economy in a country where the young generation out of the economy power has only one way: to emigrated somewhere to lock for a better economically open and free enviroment where they can be able to developing and economy by his own effort.
If you dont have your own economy, you have not voice or choice in any kind of society.
The strategy of priviledged class is, some time under the sombrella of ideology and media control, to pay very low rates, lack the communications and surrounded the individuals by a lot of rule and red tapes to give prevalence only for a group of priviledged families that can spent what they want, go anywhere and communicated with any one without restriccion, with plain acces to information forbiden for the other one subject to explotation.
These dynasties have no privileged way to stay in power, generation after generation that exalted his own glory and dismissing those of others through an opportunist and corrupt bureaucracy supported by some imperial metropolis that makes the eyes to keep their investments secured or strategic interests in the area.
Honduras is a recent case, but not alone.

The lack of communications, person to person, between the countries of the Caribbean, with media on the internet without translation to papiamento, Creole, holands, French, Spanish and English and rates too high, is the first enemy in the area.
The second are the systems of education are related to paradigms of rich countries, a thousand miles away from the cultural and regional needs.
The third enemy is a legal system that hides the status quo which prevents the free participation of all citizens, there are many forms of oppression, even when the law under the umbrella of what is happening in United States or Canada, or copying paradigms area.
These internal factors hampering the economy of the Caribbean countries and are the first allies of colonialism, poverty and lack of inversion in our countries.
I discussed this topic with inversionist from West Europe when I was living in Cuba, before 1996, and later, in United States. This is the main reasons way foreign inversions are afraid to be "open to the business" in the Caribbeans.
When a few privileged people decided the economy, the society and the domestic market became frozen as happens with the economy crisis in United States, now.(
The legal system becomes illogical, irrational ...)

Caribbean countries face a drop in the price of exports, sudden and unexpected energy costs, rising import prices, loss of credit in international markets, strong revenue lost by the increasing cost of care tourism low profits and result in the cutting of social programs in the midled of not less than next ten years of a climate change, energy and economic crisis, globally.
The rates of violence, political instability, drug trafficking, human trafficking and migration into United States soared in the next ten years in the Caribbean area unless steps are taken to address the regional problem of health care, education and social security for low-income people without social participation due to illiteracy or low levels of education.
Jail and inmates system- school of criminals and mental illness, actually around the world-, rise in every demography rate like a negative influence in young communities, without free mental health care and education, as the same happens in rich countries, but, different to them, in poor caribbean countries this influence is a very destructive force based on corruption in place where there are not budget to pay police and resource to reinforced the legal system.

In smalll caribbeans countries jail and inmates system can not be a copy of the usual one, they must macht the needs of the society because that don't have money to buy resource and pay police in order to control the increasingly criminal population as happens in Unite States, for example.

In poor countries, mandatory education an social and useful open work for criminals without danger to the society, not internal correction as usual, has more revenue tan jails and normal inmates system that undercover criminal school, mental disease, and human rigths violation, normally, this institutions are aware of community Wacht Dog non gubernamental organization and became in a factory of mental illness as we are seing in United States jail system, actually.
The Caribbean, regionally, should establish a summit of lawyers and experts to discuss the prison system in the light of our needs and realities.
Usually the prisoners in the Caribbean live in a promiscuous, hungry and needs without the opportunity to create as a work force an acceptable condition of the prison regime and the possibilities of university education which reintegrated him into the society once their sentences when they to be, in general, social cases or as confessed criminals or mentally ill.
, As happens now in United States.

Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.

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