Friday, August 7, 2009

Aziza Brahim. Saharian singer.

Fails the first attempt at dialogue between young Moroccans and Sahrawis
Rabat prevented two groups of students travel to the UK where they had been invited by the NGO Talk Together
IGNACIO CEMBRERO - Madrid - 07/08/2009

After 18 months of interruption Morocco and the Frente Polisario resume on Monday in Austria, their negotiations, but the dialogue between young Moroccans and Sahrawis still impossible. The first attempt at a summer camp, school, St Edward Oxford, has failed. The British NGO Talk Together Norway and United World Cultures took almost two years preparing for these two weeks together. Had obtained the funding, mainly from the European Commission had selected the participants-Moroccan Saharawi Tinduf of Laayoune and a handful of Europeans, and organized activities. Robert Krzisnik, an expert on conflict resolution, would work with them.

"We were also informed of the project on two occasions to the authorities in Rabat to put without any objection," says the phone Andrew Brown, director of educational partnerships. "So what happened surprised me also disappointed," he adds. The unprecedented appointment of Oxford had aroused media interest in the Maghreb and Arab satellite television stations had asked to film the young people of both sides sitting together in class or doing sports.

Source: "El Pais", Madrid, Spain, full article:

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