Saturday, July 11, 2009

Zelaya and the XV Non-Aligned Summit, in Egypt.

زيلايا وهو الخامس عشر لمؤتمر قمة عدم الانحياز في
EgyptSanto.- الاحد الرئيس ليونيل فرنانديز أمس
مجددا على التزامها الديمقراطية للشعب أمريكا
وطالبت بالعودة إلى الحكم الدستوري في جمهورية
هندوراس ، حيث كان الرئيس مانويل زيلايا وأزيل
أبعدت من البلاد من خلال الانقلاب العسكري الذي وقع في
اثني عشر يوما.

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Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement
Sharm El Sheikh, 11-16 July 2009

Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic, Caribbean, "ListinDiario" .- President Leonel Fernández yesterday reaffirmed its commitment to democracy of the people of America and demanded the return to constitutional rule in the Republic of Honduras, where President Manuel Zelaya was dismissed and banished the country by a military coup twelve days.

Fernandez received Zelaya yesterday at the National Palace with honors from his high office of President of Honduras. The Dominican president was accompanied by officials of his cabinet, top military and police, and more than a thousand state employees who filled the front steps of Government House to welcome visitors and cheered.

The Dominican President reiterated its repudiation of the coup in Honduras and stressed that it can not be allowed to consolidate this situation in Honduras, because it could occur in any other country in Latin America, and warned that
"we would be exposed to a convulsive and of ungovernability. "

The president traveled from Honduras to Costa Rica. He came to the country to ask its Dominican counterpart representing him in the XV Non-Aligned Summit, which opens next Wednesday in Egypt and which Zelaya said he had been invited. "PresidentFernández to deliver a document to read it in my name in the Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, said.

Fernandez presented a letter and a firm and clear position that they have about the coup d'état the peoples of Central America and members of the Rio Group.
Fernandez announced that next week, also hopes to gain support for the Zelaya of the African Union and the Arab League, as well as has the American community.

At the press conference that was broadcast live by television Dominican Fernandez presented Zelaya as "the legitimate President of Honduras" and highlighted the support provided by the international community to the Honduran president following the coup d'état.

Fernandez added that Dominican Republic is party, as a signatory to the OAS Democratic Charter, the concept of collective defense of democracy.

"In defending democracy in Honduras, defends democracy in Dominican Republic and throughout Latin America," he said.

At the wheel was the foreign minister of Honduras, Patricia Rhodes, and the ambassadors of the countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for Latin America and the Caribbean (ALBA), the Dominican Republic Vice President Rafael Alburquerque, the Secretaries of the Presidency, César Pina Toribio, Administrative Luis Manuel Bonetti, director of the Press, Rafael Núñez, and the administrative secretary, Bolivar Tapia Cunillera, among other officials.

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