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To go dressed like a man Cuba.A Switzerland woman in a above suspicion

Sex effect Details van de eerste vrouw die beoefend geneeskunde in Cuba geklede man dr. Julio Cesar González Pages pormenones rekening van dit verhaal, starring de Zwitserse Bondsstaat Enriqueta Favez Voor vragen zonder sanctie: tekst en foto Aracelys Bedevia E-mail:
Sex effet Détails de la première femme qui a pratiqué la médecine à Cuba, l'homme habillé Dr Julio César González Pagés pormenones compte de cette histoire, avec la Confédération suisse Enriqueta Favez

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Sex effect
Details of the first woman who practiced medicine in Cuba dressed man Dr. Julio César González Pagés pormenones account of this story, starring the Swiss Confederation Enriqueta Favez

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04 July 2009 00:08:00 GMT
The creature called man, monster, downloaded it on all kinds of improperios of his trial and did a faithful representation of a tribunal of the Holy Inquisition. Enriqueta Favez, the first woman who practiced medicine in Cuba dressed as a man, he never hid the causes for which he was tried. However, his real story was virtually buried for nearly two centuries.

It took sixteen years to Dr. Julio César González Pagés, Cuban historian and anthropologist, to investigate what happened around this figure, which challenged the hegemonic power and that almost nothing survives. Even his body, as the cemetery where he was buried in New Orleans was damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

In search of evidence, this acusioso investigator traveled to several countries and reconstructed using the technique of historical archeology, the details of a case of who knew in the National Archives of Cuba, while looking for information for her doctoral thesis. He was even in front of the door of the birthplace of Favez in the Swiss city of Lausanne. "There is no one who remembers Tarja. Neither there nor in any of the many places where they spent some time, "said the author of the book to go dressed as a man, recently submitted in digital version on the Centro Felix Varela.

The story, worthy of a screenplay, is told from original documents and letters. There is no fiction in it.

- Who was really the woman who, violating all laws are passed off as a man, he studied medicine and married Juana de Leon?

Enriqueta Favez-born in 1791 in a bourgeois family in Lausanne, Switzerland. At the age of 15 years he married a French soldier. Three years later, her husband and daughter died. He stayed in Paris and studied medicine at the University of La Sorbonne, dress and taking the identity of an officer of the regiment to which he belonged her late husband. During the Napoleonic Wars served as surgeon of the French army, until he was captured by English troops under General Wellington in Spain.

"He went to Cuba to start a new life under the name Enrique Favez and settled as a doctor in Baracoa. His clientele included many of the local poor, who also taught to read and write. It is well known as Juana de Leon, a woman from the area in which he married, aware that the biological sex of her husband. "

"Some time later, the suspect began. Favez was arrested and brought to trial, where some medical tests revealed sex. Juana de Leon, as it can be noticed in the letters, but not loved endured social and family pressure and bowed to the farce that was orchestrated against Enriqueta, who was sentenced to imprisonment in the Hospital de Mujeres de San Francisco de Paula, in Havana, and later removed to New Orleans.

"His relatives in North America led to join a convent to protect the prestige of the family. Then assumed the name of Sister Magdalena and continued to provide medical assistance to the poor. Later he became a missionary in Mexico, and died in New Orleans at the age of 65 years, ten years after the death of Joan. "

- How to get access to much information?

Of importance to clarify the nuances and contradictions of the trial being conducted in this investigation was crucial the consultation of the file is located in the National Archives of Cuba, under the criminal case against Doña Enriqueta Favez assumed by man in suit and may have misled the Doña Juana de Leon whom she remarried legitimate. Here are letters, reports and other documents in the file open during the trial. Other elements can be analyzed in the 1860 version published in the journal Management, which is at the José Martí National Library, where you can also read various texts that deal with Favez from literature or history.

"Useful information was obtained in the research trips to the cities of New Orleans (1998), Baracoa and Guantanamo (1999-2005), Santiago de Cuba (2000-2003), Veracruz (2003) and Switzerland (2006-2007) . During these visits I was able to review files, libraries, museums and private collections that I gave evidence which did not appear in the revised documents in Havana. "

-As far as I know, the previous works related Enriqueta have escaped their sexual orientation. To go dressed as a man speaks in a contemporary debate, the rights of people living with other sexual preferences. Why choose to legitimize this story?

True. The stories sought to evade the previous issue of sexual preference for fear that his past heroin was disqualified. But it turns out that she never denied it and lived very proud of that. So there is no reason to hide it. In the book to go dressed as a man, I pay tribute to all women who have faced social challenges to live their love.

Favez-trial was the most scandalous of the time. She suffered all kinds of humiliations. He had many detractors ... Did it with a defender?

-Not really, it was very difficult for someone at that time dared to defy the Church and the institutions that supported the prosecution. Enriqueta lived between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and transgressed all the potential barriers of discrimination: warrior, medical, travel, lesbian. Too many heresies for a woman of any age.

- How much you contributed as a researcher to write this biography?

-The research enabled me to know how much courage is required to act in a manner different than what others expect, and the courage to be hard to pursue some personal goals, professional or emotional, under adverse conditions. The story happened almost two hundred years, however, is still very topical at the global level. As a researcher and human being I have become a better person that like Favez, fight very strongly for what he believes and loves.

By walking ... invites a screenplay. Have you received any proposal to carry a movie?

"I have several offers from different countries, all very tempting. Some actresses have also said they wanted me to be the Favez this story. At this point the value that is more in keeping with the character as conceived.

- Where is the book?

-This edition responds to a group of several publishers in Europe and Latin America, but as I love Cuban author I read in my country. We are planning another presentation in Havana in July, hoping to return to Cuba Favez dressed and dignified as was that woman. To this date there will be a special effort, so all people can carry the book, free, in digital form. It will be something special after all these years of waiting.

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