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The Royal Ballet has always been my passion : Laura Morera first dancer of RB.

By: José Luis Estrada Betancourt


July 18, 2009 00:58:14 GMT
Confess the first Royal Ballet dancer from Spanish into English an exclusive interview with "JUVENTUD REBELDE", Havana, Cuba.

No longer surprised to see Spanish dancers leading the posters of the largest companies in the world. Now the Cubans have had the enviable opportunity to applaud with admiration as the fabulous Yanowshy Zenaida as Natalia Petrovna in A month in the field; Tamara Rojo in the audience crazy with their endless pirouettes in the pas de deux from Don Quixote and Le Corsaire, which Laura Morera-impressive impressive Chroma of McGregor and his countryman Jose Martin offering a kind of style in a clever way of two Voices of Spring.

First all dancers from the Royal Ballet, unquestionably the most famous dance groups of all time, one wonders how it is possible that Spain produces so many dancers of the highest quality technical and interpretative, still fails to show a ballet company classic reputation. One possible answer to this question is offered exclusively to the Juventud Rebelde Morera.

; It is obvious that in Spain the money goes to other sites, before using it on promoting the ballet. Possibly the limited resources for dance located in the Flemish dance, which has more to do with our roots. Either way, it's a shame. I often wonder if my country again, and I say sincerely that I love to dance in my home as a guest artist, but I think I no longer integrated into any company, unless things change a lot, and I see little probable.
Like many other dancers, Laura Morera began in this world at a young age because "I wanted to be with my friends. But when I got the shoes and I was in front of the mirror, I discovered that this was exactly what I wanted to do in my life. Henceforth I never doubt in that regard. "

For 11 years, entered the Royal Ballet School. What your teacher you need more training?

-I've been in London 20 years, so I feel very British when it comes to dancing. As expressed, the 11 years since I tried to take possession of the style of Frederick Ashton and Kenneth MacMillan, and the truth is that I am proud when people says that my dancing is very English.

"While I can not deny that just on my way to dance I owe to my Spanish professors Africa and Maria Jose Guzman, who prepared me seriously until the age at which left for London. They gave me a very strong base, without which I could not face the Royal.

- Being in the Royal school of course means that will integrate the company?

At all. First, at the end of each course and conduct a review, you may miss if you do not meet the requirements of the school. And then when you reach the top level, at 16, you can also block for the same reasons. To have an idea when I came to my hearing, there were 16 in my group, and only agreed to two. So, nothing is certain. In addition to proven talent also need a little luck.

- Did you find many obstacles in your way to becoming a prima ballerina?

-It is not easy. I was three years of corps de ballet, first as an artist, and I think one or two solo, four solo ... first, until two years ago, I became prima ballerina. That is, that my career has gone up gradually, so that when they finally protagonicé Manon, Kenneth MacMillan, for example, had already taken all the papers that great choreography. And that is a great way to learn.

"It is true that sometimes live a very complex but, without doubt, this experience has made me the dancer I am today. So always tell the girls that are beginning, although this is a race that demands much sacrifice, hard, even if the love is worth the effort. "

- Pasarte 'both' time 'stopped' in the same category was too strong for you?

I always had very clear, my goal, what happens is that sometimes I question if it should not look elsewhere, where everything happens faster. However, the Royal Ballet has always been my great passion for history, how to dance ... When I thought more carefully concluded that, if it wished to belong to that company, had no other choice than to use its best endeavors, and hope that the luck was with me, then have the opportunity to deliver all art that is in me.

- What are the roles with which you feel more identified?

-The Royal offers the opportunity to interpret often MacMillan. This year, for example, made his debut in Manon, an event that filled me with joy. That is the kind of roles that attract me: anyone who allows me to invite the public to join in a fabulous journey. This also happens with Onegin, Mayerling or Voices of Spring, Ashton, a piece that requires a very determined not to have a lot of people. Those are the roles that fascinate me.

-Voices of Spring here danced with José Martín, a magnificent dancer, does not have your own category ...

That's right, but that does not worry me at all. To me what matters is that I be a good artist. There are many people that I love to dance, like him or other Spanish named Ricardo Cervera. They show the same level of interpretation that I, alone, in my case, I had the chance to interpret more principal roles. For me the bottom line is talent. José Martín, for example, is a very experienced dancer with whom I feel completely calm on stage, someone who is always there, and this allows me to act freely, without worry that I will leave "to go."

"This was your first contact with the Cuban public. How did it go?

-I had heard that the Cuban government is the most knowledgeable and friendly in the world, and I have seen these days. Made me feel wonderfully well, I got the impression that they were completely involved in my performance and I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed dancing to them. It has been a great pleasure to be here. Now just hope you invite us again.

Already a first-dancer. So what's your next goal?

-After that you're a prima ballerina of the company you want to be, the goal is personal. Now just think about that every time you exit the stage, reaching the highest level. If this fails, then there will be a good day. Now my goal is to overcome at every show to me, and try to get the roles I want for the public to appreciate the best of me.

It is clear that the Royal is not like other companies, where to get a lead dancer in addition to the proven talent, you must have gone through almost all the roles ...

In the Royal roles are granted depending on how you see the artistic director. That means that to assume from what you consider that you do better if the roles created by MacMillan and the main Swan Lake or The Sleeping Beauty, for example. Either way, the English public know that you are a dancer first and he recognizes you as such, regardless of how many ballets that have played in your career.

- Have you ever thought dedicate to education?

Well, my husband, who was the first soloist of the Royal Ballet courses taught by different sites, showing the style of the company. During my summers, I join him for help and I am pleased to do so much to teach what I learned all this time.

When a person dancing look very happy ...

And I am in life and on stage. My smile is born of the soul, inside.

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