Saturday, July 4, 2009

Interview the newspaper "El Pais" in Spain Zelaya's wife is at a place in the mountains of Honduras.

Military dictatorships and their associated privileged families need a corrupt bureaucracy to maintain their privileges and avoid political and economic participation of the common citizen. It is not a problem of to be at the rigth or the left is a problem of money and power vinculated to certain transnational interest to dominated in the market of area.
If we analyze the files of members of the coup d'├ętat and its partners: privileged families and transnational based in Honduras, we will see that the money flowing is into international banking transactions to maintain the coup, this adds to the money from the narcos interested in the control of the country by a corrupt bureaucracy, as is customary in military dictatorships, to launch cocaine into the United States. The recent military coup team work in Honduras-with a large tradition in coup d'etat by priviledged families in the country- is supported by the extreme right in Europe, United States and Latin America, then, that there are putschists acting with impunity and under internationall protection "under the table".

It appears that failure to an international military action to restore peace and democracy in Honduras, the coup will be perpetuated in power by the use of force, sooner or later this open door to widespread corruption, (as you know step in Chile's Pinochet and his bank account in America).
Honduras is now described as narco state and the coup will fail the drugs policy in the region Honduras-Costa Rica-Mexico and Guatemala where gangs are most active and able to export cocaine to the United States ... The coup d'etat but who is convenient to traffic in drugs and weapons's families. Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida 34233.

There is a fact that everyone is clear in Tegucigalpa. Time is against Zelaya. Its supporters, under the tight control of the army and police, have many problems to manifest. Curfew and the state of explicit site binds latent pressure from employers, who, as the unions are claiming, leaving those workers are more unruly. And watching everything from his hiding place is Xiomara Castro. The wife of President Zelaya is ready to continue in the country. Scared and sad about being away from their children, also hiding in Honduras, the first lady told the newspaper the circumstances surrounding the coup.

Question. Her husband, on Saturday night, he went to sleep thinking that the danger had been averted coup. A few hours later, has been kidnapped and taken out of the country in pajamas. Who betrayed him?

Answer. I'm going to have a thing and you will easily put that name to treason. On Wednesday of last week, my husband removed the General Romeo Vasquez, head of the armed forces, for refusing to distribute the polls for the referendum. In Honduras, which has always been, the Army is in charge of this work. Well, despite the dismissal since the crisis began, the general was always in touch with me. Called me and told me that there was no problem, everything was fine. In fact, Saturday I got a call from him at two in the afternoon and told me: "Look, Mrs. Xiomara, you have now become my commander and I would say that everything is normal here, you have to understand that we have objected to sharing the polls because it is illegal, but we are firm with the president. And you say, please, on our part to her husband that once this happens, you come to the General Staff to we can take a coffee and fix everything. " Again, it was two o'clock on Saturday. I remember that General Romeo also said: "The people are controlled. Tell your husband that you have the full assurance that there is no longer endangered." Imagine: it was two o'clock on Saturday. And at five o'clock it was getting next to the president of our home. A force ...

P. So you consider it was a trap?

R. Fair. That is the correct word. We feel betrayed. Any government gave support to the Armed Forces as my husband has done. When we go into the Government's 6000 officers. Had no equipment, and the president became 14,000 in just three years. And the soldiers did the same. They will be supported by putting them a decent salary. And look: they were to bite the hand.

P. Who obeys orders Gen. Romeo Vasquez?

R. You have seen me as the de facto president of hands for the general people will cheer. They have been together in the concentrations of supporting the coup. I guess that the orders come from Micheletti.

Xiomara Castro is not the only hidden. The hidden state of siege and the euphoria of the new leaders make every day are less who answer the phones, the dissenters are willing to face. Micheletti force fed minutes. That is why the OAS is in such a hurry to find a solution.

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