Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hondurenos, el Presidente constitucional de la Republica de Honduras se dirige en estos momentos en un avion a Tegucigalpa

Deployed dozens of fighter squadrons of the army of Honduras in a position to fight in the airport runway Tegucilpa.
Shoot the army and police in Honduras, under orders of the coup against the thousands of protesters awaiting the arrival of the constitutional President Manuel Zelaya.
CNN (Spanish) speaking at the moment, at least two people dead, unconfirmed.
The inter-American defense pact can be invoked to restore democracy in Honduras and to bring to the board of the coup before international courts, as a glimpse of Obama interview between the President and the representative of Honduras to the United Nations.

En estos momentos, el avion que conduce al Presidente Consitucional Zelaya, se dirige a Tegucigalpa.La suerte esta echada... para Honduras y America Latina.

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