Thursday, July 2, 2009

Honduras coup d'etat.

Congress has suspended certain constitutional guarantees from 10pm-5am daily. The suspension of guarantees is scheduled to last 72 hours, but it should be noted that the curfew imposed by the coup government, originally supposed to last only 48 hours, has been extended until Friday.

According to Honduras' El Tiempo, the following constitutional guarantees have been suspended:

•Article 69, which guarantees the personal freedom.
•Article 71, which states that no one can be detained or held incommunicado for more than 24 hours without an arrest warrant.
•Article 78, which guarantees freedom of association and freedom of assembly.
•Article 81, which states, "Everyone has the right to free movement, to leave, enter and remain in national territory."
El Tiempo reports that with the aforementioned guarantees suspended, "no one can hold meetings, neither public nor private, be it in the streets, in churches, in their own homes, or in union or guild halls."

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