Sunday, July 5, 2009

CNN in Spanish just to communicate: Zelaya landed now in Managua, Nicaragua, is expected press conference.

Four witnesses said yesterday that Honduran troops fatally shot a protester, Isi Obed Murillo, 19, who was at the airport awaiting Zelaya's return Monday. Murillo's sister Rebeca said her brother was among a group that tore down a flimsy chain-link fence leading to the airstrip. As they did so, soldiers began firing their automatic rifles.
"He was too young, my brother. Why did they take his life? I cannot believe it," she said. The second protester who died was identified as Mario René Ramon Elvir, 39.
Stephen Ferry, an American photojournalist, said the troops had not been provoked. "There had been no rock-throwing at that point, and no one had attempted to enter the tarmac either," said Ferry, who was photographing the crowd when the gunshots rang out. He said one soldier methodically fired into the crowd, taking careful aim and shooting off one burst of automatic fire after another.

Now confirmed that President Zelaya goes to El Salvador (8:33 pm, Florida, USA)
Zelaya, Managua Nicarague landed, rigth now.CNN. Later a urgent meeting with OAS in Washington.

The OAS can not coexist, neither acredited legally, with this putschists subject of international justice or it would be liquidated as Organization of American States for latinoamerican and caribbean countries.
Honduras can easily become a base for drug trafficking in the area under the mandate of this vulgar dictatorship that slaughtered the population with impunity as we are seeing on CNN, live, in Spanish, there is no rule of law in Honduras,neither . . .constitution, only the will of a group as you can see in TV...

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