Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Trojan Horse of colonialism is in the press and TV of Caribbean and Latin America.

The sorry state of radio and television in Latin America is irrationally to copy the models of the commercial advertisements from the TV in the market society in rich countries, models based on the paranoia of a consumer without the ability to think and that are adapted to the local shows to provoke a national audience with his thoughts away from his own reality.
The cultivation of alienating consumers with compulsive patterns observed in radio and TV in the Hispanic network of United States with a lower level of the third grade of primary school or less is a true example of the late rol in the Latin American media very below under the parameter of State Spain Radio-TV based on Madrid.
Otherwise, the ideological task from the leftist discourse does not convince anyone because it can not provide, yet, immediate solutions, only serves to mobilize the masses, but not to lead a country with economic performance and increased its domestic economy.We can not based the media on ideological discourse, neither.
Does we need is a new discourse in the local press and tv where they build an awareness of "our reality in real time" based on really scientific, engineering, computer science point of view because of the risk of going down the same path of lack of information from the Mexico of Montezuma to the invaders by Hernan Cortes , who were mistook by the natives with supernatural beings.
From Hernan Cortez and the Conquest of Mexico to date, the overvaluation of the ideology of group or party, the ignorance of people about their own strengths and lack of information are the three key factors for the loss of sovereignty and independence in the Caribbean and Latin America.
The ideology of individual freedom,"per se" in isolation of to have a consciousness of these three factors modeling a community behavior, does not guarantee anything,but stand on deep inequalities and divisions in the area because our societies are no based on patterns of rich ones, perhaps, only in the psychology of some irresponsible elites with wealthy positions.
Now that just began a long economic crisis ahead of us must take action to chase each citizen can take the leading role and take action before a climate crisis and energy because our future is uncertain
Neither with only party ideologies, or Bibles, we may face this socioeconomic chaos never known since the Middle Ages in Europe.
As you can only save it with an objective view of the real world.

The Spring of Renaissance in Europe came from the ruins of the diseases in the cities and centuries of backwardness because Europeans at that time were acting as a spiritual community that was fortunate to have access to the knowledge treasured of Greeks enriched by intellectuals, doctors, academics, scientists and engineers from Arabic-Muslim world with the involvement of universities in Iran and Turkey, without this knowledge Europeans would have never had the "miracle" of the Renaissance without the participation of the language of the Persians and Arab countries had not existed for a Miguel Angel this environment so that the progress of our countries in the Caribbean Sea is that our spirituality must have the ability to be interdependent and to have the community sense of culture as Paideia.
It is proven by history as a science: the Renaissance has the basis of scientific knowledge, mathematical, technological and engineer accumulated by Muslims.
Aladdin's Lamp
How Greek Science Came to Europe Through the Islamic World

Aladdin's Lamp

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The ideology of a political party in power is not "per se" a guarantee of independence or economy progress during this long economic and climatic crisis but his intelligence on the real world with a media-driven conception of scientists and engineers will success. Otherwise, be irresponsible and plowing in the sea and entertain the masses to cultivate the ego of politicians and the bureaucracy of the wealthy families. Rich countries are given the luxury of having this kind of ruling elites and not much happens..., but poor countries makes them ignorant, with the loss of political will and dependents of any nation with intelligence, money and power as Haiti during four hundred years, waiting for charities and compassion..
Create an awareness of looking at reality through the understanding of science and engineering is the first duty of a political leader, communicator, teacher's in a poor country where only human solidarity can ensure the survival to a crisis.
We can not build on positions of power and wealth typical of market economies, but in collective decisions and area without waiting for others to save us "deux ex machina."Gualterio Nunez Estrada, Sarasota, Florida, 34233.

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