Sunday, June 28, 2009

Honduras:There can be justice in a country ruled by a bayonet and a small elite of rich families.?

How are we going to give credit as the representative of a coup, a president elected by a congress, surrounded by bayonets, no press, no communications, and all states except in exchange for a real President, democratically elected by the people and that has never been prosecuted due to legal procedures.?

We are currently looking for CNN in spanish the embarrassing spectacle-burlesque farce- of the Congress of Honduras live-mafia of the conspirators- speaking of legal norms to justify a coup d'etat before the international community(Laugh a legal conference that makes decisions after a coup and that it is currently surrounded by troops with bayonets putschists, watch CNN spanish...), it really looks like a puppet theater of Moliere to defend their privileges of explotation, to have servants for pennies, without payment, benefits, health insurer and social security in the most the poor population of Honduras.
It is a very sad time for every democracy in Latin America and Caribbeans if we don't take action against this MAFIA of corrupted political and military conspirators.

Political crimes of conspiracy and coup in Honduras.

1 .- Decepcion expressing loyalty to the President until the last minute.

2 .- Violation of the home of the President with burst fracture of the door of the building with rifle butts.

3 .- Kidnapping at gunpoint and extradition to Costa Rica.

4.-breaking assault on foreign diplomats, the Vienna Convention.

5.-Close of the local media under threat of military aggression.

6 .- Reading of a false(conterfeit) letter of resignation of the President in the Congress of Honduras.

7 .- Flagrant violation of the Constitution and the laws of Honduras to dismiss a President.

8 .- Violation of the Charter of American States regarding the rights of a constitutionally elected President.
9.-Following the coup d'etat and the country taken by the military makes the Congress of Honduras acting in a theater to of "legality" to ensure impunity for the violation of law, democracy and constitucion inside the international community international public relation.

From the moment in Honduras that are legal entities governed by bayonets, and the money of a small elite of rich families that rely on the exploitation of the poor majorities, there is no democracy in Honduras and much less when a president is forced to leave country with a gun to his head. The international community can not accept this deception visible through CNN.

The conspirators politics contrary to the President of Honduras hatched the kidnapping of the President
overnigth with gunfire, breaking the door of the home and dragging it to a plane bound for Costa Rica at gunpoint and pointed to by guns machines as they are doing with the journalist in Honduras. Now are mobilized elites linked to rich families, money and bayonets, to pretend that there was no coup. The international community can not defend such a shameful crime, against the democracy and legality forged by groups of exploiters of the people of Honduras.Operators and their allies to deceive the President Zelaya showing adhesion until the last minute.People accustomed to the holding of slaves and servants for pennies and not benefits, neither social security.
Political conspirators within the Congress of Honduras false report on a letter of resignation to the presidency. The President of the Republic of Honduras just denied on CNN in Spanish, from Costa Rica, to the veracity of this letter with which they try to hide on the international community to attack the constitution and democracy in that Central American country by an elite of wealthy families.
Begins to concentrate the population of Honduras chanting slogans around the house of The President, at this time we see on CNN in Spanish. The President of Honduras was kidnapped by a military junta that deception him until the last moment and now tries to put a new one by manipulating a puppet congress threatened by bayonets and money from a little elite of rich families.
There are protests from the population while the army patrolling the streets.The first lady of Honduras declared made by CNN in Spanish where it is evidenced that the military misled the President until the night before the coup. It sees very nervous young soldiers pointing their weapons at the press correspondents.

President Zelaya attends a summit tomorrow in Nicaragua in order to take a position about the subject of the coup d'etat.
Broken the legal democratic system by a military elite in Honduras with the same model of Pinochet in Chile.
The international community is in communication with the President elected of Honduras, rigth now, in Costa Rica where is supported by the democratic goverment of that centroamerican country.
(You can see rigth now the CNN spanish conference of press with the President of Honduras...)
Honduras, there is not communication, radio, TV..., neither power... The First Lady in the hidden mountains called up the CNN.
The U.S. embassy in Honduras is against the coup d'état by the military junta.
Tworrow the centroamerican countries will have a Summit in Nicaragua.
Is developing a press conference at this time with President Zelaya narrating the circumstances of the kidnapping...!

President Zelaya is making statements by CNN in Spanish supported by the President of Costa Rica that repudiates the coup. President Zelaya was kidnapped by soldiers led by a small middle class elite which dominates the economy of Honduras.

Coup d'etat of the Pinochet model in Honduras. Danger of war between Honduras and Venezuela. It is feared for the physical integrity of the ambassadors of Honduras, Cuba and the Honduran foreign minister put out to trace his home by military coup. Popular protests in Honduras. President Zelaya is in Costa Rica. Latin American and Caribbean countries are reported at this time and are in consultation to assess the situation.
One speaks of ambassadors abducted and attacked, the military junta in Honduras does not respect the law and driving diplomatico like the military coup of Pinochet in Chile ...
Coup d'État de Pinochet, le modèle de l'Honduras. Danger de la guerre entre le Honduras et le Venezuela. Il est à craindre pour l'intégrité physique de l'ambassadeur du Honduras, de Cuba et de la ministre des Affaires étrangères du Honduras mis en trace son domicile par coup d'Etat militaire. Protestations populaires dans le Honduras. Président Zelaya est au Costa Rica. Amérique latine et des Caraïbes sont signalés en ce moment et sont en consultation pour évaluer la situation. On parle d'ambassadeurs enlevé et agressé, la junte militaire au Honduras ne respecte pas la loi et de conduire Diplomatico comme le coup d'Etat militaire de Pinochet au Chili .. Président Zelaya est de faire des déclarations par CNN en espagnol soutenu par le Président du Costa Rica, qui rejette le coup. Président Zelaya a été enlevé par des soldats dirigés par une petite élite de la classe moyenne qui dominent l'économie du Honduras. Est le développement d'une conférence de presse en ce moment avec le président Zelaya racontant les circonstances de l'enlèvement.
政變皮諾切特模型在洪都拉斯。 之間的戰爭危險洪都拉斯和委內瑞拉。 人們擔心的身體完整的大使洪都拉斯,古巴和洪都拉斯外長熄追查在家中被軍事政變。 民眾抗議在洪都拉斯。 總統塞拉亞在哥斯達黎加。 拉丁美洲和加勒比國家的報告在這個時候,並正在協商,以評估局勢。 談到大使綁架和襲擊,在洪都拉斯,軍政府不尊重法律和駕駛外交喜歡的軍事政變,皮諾切特在智利.. 總統塞拉亞聲明是在西班牙有線電視新聞網的支持哥斯達黎加總統的譴責政變。 塞拉亞總統被綁架的士兵由一個小的中產階級精英主宰經濟的洪都拉斯。 正在開發一個新聞發布會在這個時候總統塞拉亞敘事的情節綁架。
انقلاب بينوشيه نموذجا في هندوراس. خطر نشوب حرب بين هندوراس وفنزويلا. فإنه يخشى على السلامة الجسدية للسفراء هندوراس وكوبا وهندوراس وزير الخارجية لاخماد منزله اثر انقلاب عسكري. الاحتجاجات الشعبية في هندوراس. الرئيس زيلايا في كوستاريكا. بلدان أمريكا اللاتينية والكاريبي وأفيد في هذا الوقت ، وبعد التشاور لتقييم الوضع. واحد يتحدث عن خطف والاعتداء والسفراء ، والمجلس العسكري الحاكم في هندوراس لا يحترم القانون والقيادة diplomatico مثل الانقلاب العسكري الذي وقع في شيلي بينوشيه.. الرئيس زيلايا يجعل البيانات التي أدلى بها في سي الأسبانية التي يدعمها رئيس كوستاريكا التي ترفض الانقلاب. الرئيس زيلايا قد اختطف من قبل الجنود بقيادة صغير من الطبقة المتوسطة النخبة التي تهيمن على اقتصاد هندوراس. وضع مؤتمر صحفي في هذا الوقت مع الرئيس زيلايا سرد ملابسات عملية الخطف.

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