Monday, June 22, 2009

Cultural treasures stolen from Greece by the British colonialism must be returned to their place of origin.

Πολιτιστικούς θησαυρούς κλαπεί από την Ελλάδα από τη βρετανική αποικιοκρατία πρέπει να επιστρέψουν στον τόπο καταγωγής τους.

Kültür hazineleri Yunanistan'dan İngiliz sömürgeciliğin tarafından çalınan orijinal yere iade edilmelidir.
Trésors culturels volés en provenance de Grèce par le colonialisme britannique doivent être retournés à leur lieu d'origine.
Culturele schatten gestolen uit Griekenland door het Britse kolonialisme moeten worden teruggestuurd naar hun plaats van herkomst.
Los tesoros culturales robados a Grecia por el colonialismo britanico deben ser devueltos a su lugar de origen.

Greece demands marbles return as new Acropolis opens
By Helene Colliopoulou – 1 day ago

ATHENS (AFP) — Greek President Carolos Papoulias on Saturday ramped up pressure on Britain to return priceless statues from antiquity taken over 200 years ago as the new Acropolis Museum was opened in Athens.

The Greek leader reiterated his country's longstanding call for the return of the Elgin Marbles at the solemn ceremony to inaugurate the giant 130-million-euro (180-million-dollar) glass and concrete building.

"Today the whole world can see the most important sculptures of the Parthenon assembled, but some are missing; it's time to heal the wounds of the monument with the return of the marbles which belong to it," Papoulias said.

The government says the museum, which dominates downtown Athens under the Parthenon temple, is the physical embodiment of a campaign dating back to 1983.

"It's our identity and our pride," Papoulias said of the new museum.

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